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Air Liquide Nigeria aims to provide patients in the continuum of care from hospital to home, with medical products and services that contribute to protect vulnerable lives.

In Nigeria, we have been supplying medical gases to hospitals and healthcare institutions all over the country. We are also specialised in the installation and servicing of medical equipments in various hospitals and healthcare centres. We are conform with  European Commission (EC) standards of gas distribution systems for medical gases and medical apparatus.

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Medical gases

We offer solutions to public and private hospitals to provide patients in the continuum of care from hospital to home:

Application Our offer
Conservation and dermatology Liquid nitrogen
Relieve pain (Pain reliever) sedative conscious Mixture protoxide of nitrogen (N₂O) and oxygen (O₂)
Anesthésia Protoxide of nitrogen (N₂O)
Fight against hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the blood) asthma and carbon monoxide poisoning Oxygen (O₂), mixture of oxygen and helium (O₂/He)
Ensure functionality of surgical equipment Surgical argon
Make expands the abdominal walls Carbon dioxide (CO₂)
Measuring blood gases Standard gases mixture
Our purpose: protecting vulnerable lives.

Medical equipments

We offer a set of equipment that works in a network in order to be able to give medical gases permanently to patients in hospitals. Our commitment to quality is at the heart of our offer in order to guarantee the reliability of the system offered in all circumstances. Air Liquide Medical Systems develops, manufactures and sells innovative products and services for hospitals such as emergency ventilators, medical gas equipment and aerosol therapy.

Equipments accessories and instruments
  • Medical gases central
  • Resuscitation and Respiratory support equipment
  • Anesthesia equipment and operating room
  • Medical and surgical autonomous vacuum cleaners
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Equipment for gases implementation (flowmeter, vacuum regulator, etc.)


To cope with nosocomial diseases, prevention is essential. Air Liquide Nigeria contributes to this major public health challenge by fighting against the risks of infections and pandemics through a wide range of products. We are actively involved in enhancing the safety of patients and medical staff.

Our hygiene products are used by health professionals in hospitals and in private practice (dentists, general practitioners) as well as by patients.