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Engineering & Construction


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Air Liquide in Nigeria Industry


Our customizable solutions are geared to improve process safety, maximize productivity and reduce the environmental footprint of our customers’ operations.

We supply industrial and specialty gases, consumables and welding equipments, hygiene products in a wide array of volumes and qualities, along with related applications, technologies and services.

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Oil & Gas

Oil and gas plays a crucial role in the Nigerian economy. We offer value added services to all facets of the oil and gas industry through the entire value chain. Our integrated capabilities contribute to the success of our customers at all stages of offshore and onshore projects, from exploration to refining and distribution.

Our tailored gas solutions help customers increase their recovery rates of existing fossil fuel reserves, blanketing and purging of pipelines, explore new sources of energy, process their products safely and produce cleaner fuels. We supply customers onsite in cylinder or in bulk, through our excellent distribution network.


Activities Supply solutions Air Liquide offer


  • Gas Pipeline
  • On Site production
  • Liquid supply
  • Related Equipment & Services
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen
  • Gas Pipeline, Over the fence
  • On Site production
  • Liquid supply
  • Cylinder, bundle or microbulk
  • Related Equipment & Services
  • Oxygen
  • Acetylene
  • Argon, Argon mix helium
  • ARCAL™ ready to weld


Activities Supply solutions Air Liquide offer

Construction & maintenance

Subsea Works

Well Services

Support Services, Living Headquarters

Analytical and Process Control

On-site nitrogen generation

  • Gas pipeline, over the fence
  • On Site production
  • Liquid supply
  • Cylinder, bundle or microbulk
  • Related equipment & services
  • Liquid: Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, Helium
  • Gaseous: Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon, Argon Mix Helium
  • ARCAL™ ready to weld
  • Medical Gases
  • SCOTT™
  • QUAD+ (gas bundle)
  • On site nitrogen
  • Production unit (membrane)


As an ISO certified company, we always ensure that all gases delivered to customers meet the highest safety, quality and reliability standards, which plays an important role in differentiating our offer.

We provide a wide range of gases through dedicated supply modes and innovative packaging.

Food & Beverage

When it comes to consumer expectations for beverages, food safety and quality are the most important. It takes extensive experience and know-how to meet rigorous standards for consistency in taste, fizz, quality and strength of packaging.

We have diversified our offer over time and adapted our solutions to the specific needs of our customers:

Segmentation Your needs Our offer
Transportation Maintain the cold chain

Cryogenic fluids

From producer to consumer, Air Liquide Nigeria offers a set of cooling solutions with liquid nitrogen or dry ice to preserve the quality and freshness of your products (even frozen) in compliance with highest regulations




Inerting / Deoxygenation

Carbon dioxide to make your drinks sparkle! Bubbles are obtained naturally for fermented beverages or by adding carbon dioxide to carbonated water and sodas.


Food products, solid or liquid, in contact with the ambient air contain dissolved oxygen which can damage them. The inerting process makes it possible to protect them and to retain all their properties.

Dairy / Ultra-Fresh / Ice Cream Multiples We improve the quality of the products by the injecting protective gases which increase the lifetime of the product.
Meat / Sausages / Seafood / Ready meal Cryogenic freezing Cold processes in food (freezing and rapid cooling) require carbon dioxide (CO2) and gaseous or liquid nitrogen (N2).
Fish farming Oxygenation of ponds The oxygen produced by Air Liquide is injected into ponds and streams for quality breeding.
Our goal is to guarantee the safety and high quality of the products for the final consumers.
Metal fabrication processes require several industrial and technical gases, in order to transform raw materials into their final form.

Steel, automotive & Fabrication

Air Liquide Nigeria plays an active role in the steel, automotive and fabrication industry through the provision of various industrial gases and mixtures depending on the customer’s need and project. Our Group research and development unit developed tailor made mixtures such as ARCAL™ Prime, ARCAL™ Chrome, ARCAL™ Force and ARCAL™ Speed. These gas mixtures help support our customers in the steel, automobile and fabrication industry by improving their overall product performance in terms of weld quality, savings, productivity, reliability and simplicity:

  • Cutting of metallic raw materials
  • Flame using FLAMAL™, a range of oxygen and fuel gases that improves cutting processes in terms of safety, quality and productivity
  • Laser using LASAL™ that improve performance and reliability of specialized laser cutting jobs
  • Arc welding ARCAL™ is the first arc welding offer that covers 100% of the market needs with 4 products
  • 4 ready -to-weld gases: ARCAL™ Prime, ARCAL™ Chrome, ARCAL™ Force and ARCAL™ Speed
  • Innovative valves: EXELTOP™
  All materials Aluminium & copper alloys Stainless steels

Carbon Steels (non and low alloyed)

Welding process TIG/PLASMA MIG MAG MAG
Benefits Perfect weld bead soundness, clean weld surface ensured by high gas purity Clean weld with good welding and corrosion resistance maintained High deposition rate welding, high travel speed welding. Highly productive spray transfer at low energy level Secured mechanical properties with a large, rounded penetration weld shape

Pure Argon

Compliant with ISO 14175-I1

Argon + CO2

Compliant with ISO 14175-M12

Argon + carbon dioxide

Compliant with ISO 14175-M20

Argon + carbon dioxide

Compliant with ISO 14175-M21
Brand ARCAL™ Prime ARCAL™ Chrome

ARCAL™ Speed

ARCAL™ Force