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Air Liquide in Russia Air Liquide Healthcare in Russia

Air Liquide Healthcare in Russia

Currently Air Liquide Healthcare offers the following products:

  • Liquid medical oxygen
  • Gaseous medical oxygen

Innovation in medical oxygen! Cylinders PRESENCE 

In 2015 Russian subsidiary of Air Liquide Healthcare began the implementation of a new generation of cylinders - PRESENCE TM, that ensure safer and more effective work for doctors, helping Russian medicine to reach new heights.

PRESENCE TM are lightweight aluminum alloy cylinders equipped with a valve with an integrated pressure reducer, flow meter and a protective cap. The maximum pressure in a cylinder is 200 bar. Volumes: 2.5 liters, 5 liters, 11 l.

PRESENCE TM cylinders are:

  • safe (integrated pressure reducer and protection of the valve from the possible mechanical damages and falls)
  • advantageous (oxygen supply is larger by 40%)
  • predictable (a built-in pressure gauge)
  • convenient (ergonomic handle for moving the cylinder, the stability of the cylinder in the upright position, special fixation of the cylinder on the patient's bed)
  • mobile (intrahospital transportation, ambulances)

Innovation in the sphere of medical oxygen! Oxygen delivery in its own gasifier. 

Legal framework in the field of production, transportation and storage of medical oxygen underwent significant changes since 2013. This created the need for a new approach to solving the current problems (to problem solving).

The following model will allow hospitals to:

  • Completely comply with the Rules of production and quality control of drugs
  • Avoid capital costs
  • Avoid oxygen loss in filling/unfilling operations during refueling of cryogenic vessels that work under pressure;
  • Decrease the operational costs (maintenance, reparation etc)
  • Remotely monitor the level of oxygen in the gasifier
  • Have a double back-up system

We also deliver other gases such as liquid nitrogen, gaseous argon, gaseous nitrogen and carbon dioxide to medical organizations.

Presence Booklet

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