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The m-Lab is organizing the first Scientific Challenge to cooperate with the scientific community (academics, technology institutes, start-ups, private R&D..) on Air Liquide molecule territory. Subjects with a high societal impact have been identified by Air Liquide. The scientific community is invited to make proposals for scientific breakthroughs addressing these challenges. The laureates will receive the Air Liquide Scientific Award and a 2-4 year cooperation ​with the Group ​for developing their proposal​.​ This year, themes are:

  • "Sunny H₂ in a bottle", discovering an efficient way of producing hydrogen from water by using sun energy
  • "Pocketable Small Molecules", finding sponge materials for high density storage and safe supply of gases 
  • "CO₂, give back your O₂!", producing oxygen and carbon monoxide from carbon dioxide in a sustainable way

The challenge started in January and will be closed on April 28, 2016. Results will be announced in September.

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