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Air Liquide in Saudi Arabia Healthcare

Air Liquide Healthcare aims to provide customers in the entire care continuum - from hospital to home - with home-healthcare, medical products, healthcare specialty ingredients and services that contribute to protect vulnerable lives.


4063 Prince Fawaz Bin Abdulaziz St, Ar Rabwah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
P.O. Box 28262, 
Riyadh 11437, KSA
Tel : +966 9200 23202  
Fax: +966 11 484 6046

Home Healthcare

Home-healthcare provides patients suffering from chronic diseases the continuum of care from hospital to home, as well as compliance monitoring of their therapy, and support to make their treatment more effective and therefore improving their quality of life. 

VitalAire Arabia

Air Liquide brings its international expertise in home-healthcare to KSA through VitalAire Arabia. VitalAire is Air Liquide’s global home-healthcare brand, present in 35 countries. In compliance with the clinical guidelines in KSA, VitalAire Arabia offers complete therapy management for patients suffering from the following chronic diseases:

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Chronic Respiratory Failure (CRF)

For effective home-care treatment, VitalAire Arabia offers full therapy support programs and most advanced medical devices including:

  • CPAPs and BiPAPs for sleep apnea treatment
  • Oxygen Concentrators for COPD treatment
  • Home and Hospital Ventilators for CRF treatment
  • Aerosol Therapy Devices for efficient drug administration

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Combined with its expertise and innovative technologies, VitalAire Arabia is committed to provide tailored home-healthcare management programs to its patients and professionals.

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Medical gases

We offer a wide range of medical grade gases to our healthcare customers and patients.

Oxygen USP (liquid and gaseous)

Oxygen therapy is the administration of oxygen enriched air as a medical intervention, dispensed mainly to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic or acute ailments such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Oxygen is also effective in the treatment of cluster headaches, a rare but extremely painful relative of the migraine.

Specialty gas mixtures

Each of our products are analyzed and verified with our leading-edge laboratory procedures. Available in both refillable or non-refillable cylinders, they are guaranteed to provide the purity necessary for the most demanding medical applications:

  • anesthesia calibration products
  • pulmonary function products
  • blood gas calibration products
  • respiratory calibration products
  • environmental calibration & biological incubation diagnostic
  • support calibration products

Air Liquide Healthcare offers a broad range of specialty gas mixtures for variety of applications, ranging from calibration to diagnostics in the following different grades of purity.

We provide medical gases and related services for hospitals, clinics and ambulances.

Medical air

Medical air is used for a variety of patient applications. Many patients sensitive to oxygen toxicity are delivered air to lower their exposure to oxygen. Many of these patients have extremely delicate respiratory systems or processes which rely on a pure, accurate concentration of medical air. Some examples of patients dependent on a reliable, quality air supply would be neonates and those patients suffering from adult respiratory depression syndrome.


Liquid nitrogen at -196°C is used to freeze and preserve blood, embryos, bone marrow and other biological samples without diminishing their intrinsic qualities. Also used in dermatology, it enables the treatment of cutaneous micro-trauma.

Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide is an anesthetic. Mixed with oxygen, it is also used as an antalgic (which attenuates the feeling of pain). It is used for the management of pain related to short but painful medical treatments (spinal taps, fractures, sutures, etc.), for anxiety management in patients who fear dental treatments and for the discomfort associated with childbearing. It is also an adjuvant of balanced anesthesia for surgical interventions, enabling reduced doses of other drugs and facilitating their post-operatory elimination.

Carbon dioxide

In the gaseous state, it helps constitute an atmosphere close to normal physiological conditions necessary in handling artificial organs. It is also used in modern, minimally invasive surgical interventions (colonoscopies, arthroscopies, etc.). In the form of dry ice, carbon dioxide is used to transport and conserve human tissue and organs at very low temperatures, which is absolutely vital to ensure successful transplant outcomes.

SEPPIC creates and markets a wide range of specialty ingredients for health and beauty.

Specialty ingredients

SEPPIC is a designer of specialty ingredients for health and beauty care. A subsidiary of Air Liquide group within the Healthcare activity, SEPPIC contributes to prevention and well-being in the continuum of care.

To strengthen its development in the region, SEPPIC gathers, from its Dubai office, a group of experts in the pharmaceuticals, nutrition, injectable vaccine excipients, and beauty care sectors. We focus on a wide geographical area - from Saudi Arabia to South Africa and Pakistan - to ensure proximity to our customers.

SEPPIC provides specialty ingredients and technical expertise to local industrial businesses, helping them grow in these developing markets and foster their creative projects. Local industries are able to call upon our services and expertise especially in drug coating and beauty care markets.