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Air Liquide in Saudi Arabia Industry


Through our customisable solutions, we are able to enhance our customers’ operations, with greater safety of systems processes as well as increased productivity while minimising any potential environmental impact.


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We supply industrial and specialty gases in a wide array of volumes and purities, along with related application technologies and services. 

Air Liquide provides core capabilities that span all aspects of both upstream and downstream activities.

Oil & Gas

Our integrated capabilities contribute to the success of our customers at all stages of offshore and onshore production, from exploration to refining and distribution. We provide a wide range of gases through dedicated supply modes and innovative packaging.



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Gas supply modes

Air Liquide offer

Well Services and Operations

  • Drilling
  • Well lifting
  • Coiled tubing 
  • Pipe inerting and cooling 
  • Leak testing
  • Preservation pigging
  • Gas pipeline, over the fence
  • On-site production (membranes)
  • Liquid gas supply
  • Cylinder, bundle, cryogenic tanks
  • Related equipment and services
  • Liquid: nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium
  • FLOXAL™ for on-site gas supply on a rental mode
  • Sale of on-site generators with, among others, MEDAL™ membrane technology
  • Gaseous: oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen, argon, argon mixtures, helium, helium mixtures


  • Inspection 
  • Maintenance
  • Subsea works
  • Hyperbaric chambers
  • Breathing air
  • Medical gases
  • Diving equipment



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Gas supply modes

Air Liquide offer

Construction and Maintenance

Spool base for pipe building

Ship-building, sub-sea structure, offshore vessels

  • Gas pipeline, over the fence
  • On-site production
  • Liquid gas supply
  • Cryogenic tanks
  • Cylinders, bundles or micro bulks
  • Non-refillable cylinders
  • Related equipment and services
  • Liquid: nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium
  • Welding and cutting gas: oxygen, acetylene, argon, argon mixtures
  •  Air Liquide Welding
  • ARCAL™ for ARC welding
  • FLAMAL™ ready-to-cut and heat
  • LASAL™ for laser welding and cutting

Support Services and Living Headquarters

General maintenance, catering services, gas analysis, firefighting

  • Gaseous:  nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium and helium mixtures
  • Medical gases
  • Gases for firefighting
  • Refrigerant

Analytical and Process Control

Compositional analysis, Sulphur compounds speciation, Geochemistry studies

  • Ultra pure gases, mixtures, Isotope standards for geochemistry studies
  • ALPHAGAZ™ for instrumentation gases
  • SCOTT™ for traceable gas and liquid calibration mixtures
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Focus on

Largest hydrogen production site in Yanbu Industrial City

This investment of more than 350 million euros represents both the largest single industrial investment and largest over the fence hydrogen contract of Air Liquide Group.

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One of our many achievements in the region is the successful commissioning of a large-scale Steam Methane Reformer unit for the YASREF refinery in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, with a total hydrogen production capacity of 340,000 Nm3/hour. This is the first time in the Middle East that the hydrogen production for such a large refinery has been outsourced to a third party.


Metal fabrication

We have extensive expertise in metal fabrication across industries that produce steel, non-ferrous metal structures, vessels, cars, aircrafts, and others.

Via our ALKIG affiliate, we deliver reliable and competitive gas solutions to our customers, supplied via cylinders, bulk, pipeline distribution, and on-site production units. Our solutions cover three critical stages in the manufacturing cycle.

Cutting of metallic raw materials

  • Flame cutting using FLAMAL™, a range of oxygen and fuel gas (BMCG) that improve safety, quality and productivity
  • Laser cutting using LASAL™ to improve performance and reliability for high performance jobs
Meeting the needs of a highly diversified industry.

Arc Welding

ARCAL™ is the first arc welding offer that covers most of the market’s needs with four products.

  • Four ready-to-weld gases: ARCAL™ Prime, ARCAL™ Chrome, ARCAL™ Force and ARCAL™ Speed
  • Innovative built-in regulator: EXELTOP™
 Materials All materials   Aluminum and Copper Alloys Stainless Steels

 Carbon Steels (non and low alloyed)

Welding process  TIG/PLASMA  MIG   MAG MAG

Perfect weld bead soundness, clean weld surface ensured by high-purity gas

  • 99.998% argon
  • very low levels of water, oxygen and nitrogen impurities

Clean weld with good welding and corrosion resistance maintained

Controlled oxidation level with 2% carbon dioxide in argon based

Low levels of water and nitrogen impurities

High deposition rate welding, high travel speed welding. Highly productive spray transfer at low energy level

Post-welding operations and filler material consumption reduced by low spatter emissions

Secured mechanical properties with a large, rounded penetration weld shape

Highly tolerant of different fit-ups and surface preparations


Pure Argon
Compliant with ISO 14175-I1

Argon + carbon dioxide
Compliant with ISO 14175-M12

Argon + carbon dioxide
Compliant with ISO 14175-M20

Argon + carbon dioxide Compliant with ISO 14175-M21

 Brand ARCAL™ Prime ARCAL™ Chrome ARCAL™ Speed ARCAL™ Force

Heat treatment

ALNAT™, the range of metal heat treatment solutions encompassing gas, related handling equipment and services for value-added processes.

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Air Liquide provides solutions along all stages of the glass production process, from melting to forming end products.


Glass is made in furnaces at very high temperatures with a process that requires constant improvement to meet the energy efficiency and environmental challenges posed by the manufacturing cycle.

Air Liquide provides solutions along all stages of the glass production process, from melting to forming end products through its ALKIG affiliate. To complete our offer, we deliver a competitive oxygen supply adapted to the needs of our customers, particularly through energy-efficient on-site oxygen generation systems.


Today, the metallurgy and glass industries are facing the dual challenges of making furnaces more energy and cost-efficient while reducing polluting emissions. In ALKIG, we support these industries with proven and patented combustion technologies based on burning fuel.

Glass polishing

Before a finished product can be packaged and sold, defects must be removed. We supply oxy-natural based gas and oxy-hydrogen based combustion technologies to polish the product surface and remove surface imperfections.

Glass edge melting

After the forming and before the annealing of glass articles, this operation aims to eliminate the cutting edges of products or marks made by the two half moulds on the article surfaces.

Carbon black deposit

Through deposition of a carbon black layer on the internal mould surface that is in contact with glass, carbon black deposit is an alternative method for mould lubrication.

Download the Nexelia Melting-Heat Oxy-Combustion brochure

Water and sewage treatment

Industries must reduce their pollution emissions and improve their processes for maximum reuse of water and materials, while complying with the reinforcement of environmental and sanitary regulations.

At Air Liquide, via our ALKIG affiliate, we master applications using gas technology to treat water, recycle metal, recover solvents, analyse air quality, and recover waste.

Drinking water

Carbon dioxide is used for calco-carbonic equilibrium management for remineralisation and pH control at desalination plants. Advanced treatment processes to answer stringent regulatory standards require oxidation and disinfection properties of oxygen.


The introduction of pure oxygen into biological basins with gas injectors, instead of using the traditional air blowing technology, helps industries comply with today’s strict regulations regarding wastewater discharge.

Sludge reduction

With innovative ozone (O3) solutions developed by Air Liquide, the biological sludge production and the energy and consumption of reactive products are reduced. Our customers manage their activated sludge process in a more efficient manner and produce 30% to 40% less sludge.

Scaling treatment

Replacing liquid chemical acids with the dissolution of carbon dioxide (CO2) in cooling water helps prevent or eliminate scale in the cooling circuits. Our expertise allows us to provide the most adapted treatment based on water characteristics and chemical treatments.

With more than 35 years of experience and references in water treatment, Air Liquide assists private and public companies with industrialized gas solutions to treat water.
Air Liquide has been a major player in food market, helping suppliers preserve food and extend its shelf-life and freshness by packaging it in protective atmospheres.

Food and Beverage

Air Liquide has developed innovative ALIGALTM food-grade gas solutions, compliant with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) in order to meet the most rigorous health and safety standards. Whether in freezing, modified atmosphere packaging, product quality and flavour preservation, carbonation, inerting and/or throughout the processing and distribution chains, our goal in ALKIG is to guarantee the safety and high quality of the products for the end users, while increasing the productivity of our partners, preserving the quality and extending the product shelf life.

  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP):  to enhance appearance preserve organoleptic product’s characteristics while extending shelf life
  • Freezing and chilling: to enhance natural taste while minimizing dehydration
  • Cold transportation: keeping chilled and frozen products at the right temperature during transportation involving long distances and hot weather
  • Purging and inerting: protecting raw materials  (concentrates, edible oils…) from oxidation during the storage and the processing 

ALIGAL™ modified atmosphere packaging


Nexelia for freezing and chilling





ALIGAL™ liquid nitrogen

  • Carbonated drinks with carbonation process
  • Still drinks with oxidation process

ALIGAL™ carbon dioxide

ALIGAL™ liquid nitrogen

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