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Choose the Option That's Best for You

Donating Air Liquide shares during your lifetime is a good way to add value to your family’s savings, while also passing on your investment culture and confidence in the Group. Shareholder Services is here to help and can liaise directly with your notary. Basically, you have four options.

Donations: Planning Your Inheritance

Making a donation is a simple process that reduces inheritance tax and offers several other tax advantages. It allows you definitively to plan the total or partial allocation of your assets. Assets distributed in this way are not revalued upon the grantor’s death. Donations are drawn up with a notary as an authenticated deed. The shares concerned are valued at the average price on the day of transfer or the closing price for the previous day.

Hand-to-Hand Gifts: A Flexible and Simple Solution

Gifting is a simple procedure that lets you transfer shares easily to members of your loved ones. Unlike a donation, a hand-to-hand gift must be added to the grantor’s estate in order to be revalued and included in the allocation of the grantor’s assets.

To enable valuation of the shares gifted (the share price on the day of declaration or the day of donation, whichever is the higher), the gift must be declared within one month to the tax authorities in the recipient's country of residence using French tax form 2735.

Direct registered shareholders may download the hand-to-hand gift form in French only directly.

Tax exemptions for donations and hand-to-hand gifts

Every 15 years, you can make one donation entirely free of tax on amounts up to:

  • €100,000 for each child by each parent
  • €80,724 for your spouse or civil partner
  • €31,865 for each grandchild
  • €15,932 for each brother or sister
  • €7,967 for each nephew or niece
  • €5,310 for each great-grandchild

The Customary Gift: an Informal Present

A customary gift is a present given on a special occasion (wedding, birthday, Christmas, etc.). It can take the form of shares, but must represent a relatively small proportion of the grantor’s assets. As long as it complies with these conditions, the customary gift does not need to be included in the grantor’s taxable estate. These gifts do not need to be declared. Shares gifted in this way have a purchase price of zero.

Direct registered shareholders may download the customary gift form in French only directly for completion.

Inheritance: It Is Your Decision

You have the option of planning how your assets - including your share portfolio - are distributed amongst your heirs. A legally notarized declaration detailing your marital status, the names of beneficiaries and the number of shares they should receive when you die will be sufficient for distribution of the portfolio. Air Liquide or the financial intermediary will carry out the instructions of your notary or executor to the letter.

Tailor-Made Inheritance

Would you like to gift your Air Liquide shares, but prevent the recipient from selling them? Would like to gift your shares, but continue to receive the dividends? Or perhaps would you like to transfer usufruct of your shares for a defined period? The facility to forbid disposal, enable partial gifting and grant temporary usufruct allows you to meet all of these requirements.

Our Shareholder Services team is here to advise you.