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Inventing a more efficient and low-carbon industry

with our customers

Every day, Air Liquide serves a large number of industries and, for each customer, our commitment remains the same: contributing to the quality of their products and their growth, while optimizing their efficiency and reducing their environmental footprint. We therefore work in partnership with them to design innovative solutions.

Innovating for all industries

Our customers in the glass industry use oxy-combustion, a process which is based on the enrichment of air with pure oxygen during combustion to enhance its efficiency. HeatOx technology, developed by Air Liquide, allows to further improve this process by reusing heat produced by the production process to pre-heat the fuel and oxygen before combustion. We therefore reduce oxygen and natural gas consumption as well as CO2 emissions, while also decreasing nitrogen oxide emissions.

In the maritime transport industry, we have developed a solution for tankers carrying Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). This refrigeration and liquefaction technology, based on the “Turbo-Brayton” physical principle, reliquefies the evaporated natural gas and keeps it in the container in liquid form in order to significantly reduce greenhouse emissions during transport.

This is the number of contracts signed by Air Liquide over the last two years to roll out the “Turbo-Brayton” solution which reliquefies natural gas boil-off on LNG carriers. The Group therefore contributes to avoiding more than 240,000 tons of CO2- equivalent emissions per year.

In electronics, we have created enScribe™, a new family of advanced materials capable of etching the memory chip architectures at a nanometric scale while also reducing their impact on the environment.

The only use of one molecule of the enScribe™ family by a major semiconductor customer has contributed to reducing CO2-equivalent emissions by 1% in this sector worldwide.

Exploring new applications for our gases

CO2 in concrete?
This is the key to new sustainable concrete and is the focus of our partnership with American start-up Solidia Technologies, renewed in 2019. Water is replaced by CO2, which reduces the concrete’s curing time, sequestrates large quantities of CO2 and reduces water consumption.

Hydrogen for the production of steel?
This is the focus of a pioneering project for lower carbon steel production in partnership with thyssenkrupp Steel, a world leading supplier of carbon steel flat products. At one of their blast furnaces in Germany, we inject hydrogen to partially replace pulverized coal at a large scale during steel production and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

This is thyssenkrupp Steel’s CO2 emissions reduction target thanks to the new low-carbon steel production project set up in partnership with Air Liquide.


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Article published on April 17, 2020