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Return to Paris Innovation Campus #1

Open innovation

At the 2021 General Meeting, we welcomed you to the Paris Innovation Campus. This summer, we would like to take you back there through a series of articles that tell you a bit more about what goes on at this “flagship” of the Group’s Research and Development. Step one: Open innovation.

Responding to current and future challenges by fostering collaboration between Air Liquide experts, customers, scientific partners, start-ups, etc. is the ambition driving Air Liquide’s open innovation ecosystem, which is particularly vibrant at the Paris Innovation Campus.

To illustrate this, here is Henri Chevrel presenting the Accelair deep tech start-up accelerator and Olivier Letessier sharing his vision of how to accelerate innovation.

Campuses that resonate across the globe

Campuses housing our R&D centers offer a uniquely open and innovative research environment.
Each Campus is part of a global network that facilitates collaboration and the sharing of both knowledge and insights. They are the most productive way to learn, share, and grow.
They include researchers, customers, business partners, start-up companies, and academics but also technical teams from other Air Liquide entities such as Healthcare, Large Industry, Industrial Merchant, Global Markets & Technologies, Engineering & Construction, etc.

Our five Campuses are diverse, beneficially adapted to their local environment to better support our customers.
They are strategically located in leading countries in technological innovation: the United States, France, Germany, China, and Japan.

To discover our Campuses, watch this video.

Article published on August 03, 2021