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Return to Paris Innovation Campus #2

Support the energy and environmental transition

At the 2021 Annual General Meeting, we welcomed you to the Paris Innovation Campus. This summer, we would like to take you back there through a series of articles that tell you a bit more about what goes on at this “flagship” of the Group’s Research and Development. Today’s theme: Support the energy and environmental transition.

Making biomethane production processes more efficient and replacing natural gas with hydrogen to fuel certain sectors are two of the very specific issues being tackled at the Paris Innovation Campus as part of the energy and environmental transition.

This is illustrated by Marie Basin and Anna-Maria Pubill Melsio.

On March 23, 2021, Air Liquide announced a set of ambitious sustainability objectives in order to ACT for a sustainable future.

You can find all the details about them here.

Article published on August 26, 2021