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Return to Paris Innovation Campus #3

“Innovation” means “digital”

At the 2021 General Meeting, we welcomed you to the Paris Innovation Campus. This summer, we would like to take you back there through a series of articles that tell you a bit more about what goes on at this “flagship” of the Group’s Research and Development. The final step: “Innovation” means “digital”.

Whether it’s improving patients’ quality of life with e-health, transforming the logistics of our industrial activities or exploring the opportunities opened up by artificial intelligence, when it comes to our innovation projects, digital technology is omnipresent.

This is illustrated by Mehdi Rahim, Francis Briand and Habiboulaye Amadou-Boubacar.

At Air Liquide, we leverage the power of digital technology to deliver a world-class customer experience. This involves harnessing data and developing digital solutions to better manage our assets, interact with our customers and patients, and leverage our ecosystems — the ACE strategy. The value created boosts efficiency, creates additional growth opportunities and facilitates long-term business sustainability.

Read this article to find out more.

Article published on September 07, 2021