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Reducing the carbon intensity of the Group’s activities by 30%

For many years, Air Liquide has been committed to sustainable growth. The Group is aware that industry plays a major role in meeting this challenge and has thus set the most ambitious climate objectives of its sector. Air Liquide has committed to a global approach and taken measures within its activities, with its customers and with ecosystems. Focus on Group’s actions for the climate.

As part of its production, distribution and services, Air Liquide commits to reducing its carbon intensity by 30% by 2025, based on its 2015 emission levels. To do so, the Group draws on three key drivers.

Increasing the Group’s purchases of renewable electricity by nearly 70%

To increase the amount of renewable electricity from 6 TWh (terawatt hours) to 10 TWh per year, the Group has introduced a proactive approach to renewable electricity procurement through direct contracts with producers. It also regularly reviews its selection of suppliers, favoring those who develop environmentally-friendly solutions. Moreover, the energy mix improvement in several countries in which Air Liquide operates (in particular China, the United States and France) will allow it to benefit from greener electricity sources.

Reducing the energy consumption per volume of production by 5%

Achieving this goal requires adopting a three-step approach: firstly, increasing the energy efficiency of new production units, notably through our technological innovations. Secondly, markedly improving the performance of existing units, through the use of big data analysis. And thirdly, replacing and modernizing the most obsolete assets with more recent technologies

Decreasing the carbon footprint of bulk and packaged gases by 10%

Again, three stages are essential to achieve this goal: optimizing production operations and distribution channels with the help of big data and, in particular, converting 20% of the global fleet of trucks delivering bulk and cylinder gases to alternative fuels (natural gas, biomethane, hydrogen...).

Nearly 40% of 2018 investment decisions are in response to environmental and climate challenges


Wind turbines to power plant in Texas.

Wind turbines to power plant in Texas

The Group’s commitment to increasing its renewable electricity procurement was highlighted at the end of 2018 with the signature of a long-term purchase agreement for 50 MW (megawatts) of renewable wind electricity with NextEra Energy Resources, the world’s largest generator of renewable energy. This transaction allows Air Liquide to supply a significant portion of its growing industrial gas production assets in Texas, and offer its customers low-carbon products at competitive prices. By using this windgenerated electricity, the Group will save 1.5 million tons of CO2 emissions over the term of the agreement.

More efficient production units.

More efficient production units

Air Liquide is optimizing the performance of its plants by developing digital solutions and using data collected, as seen with its remote operation centers. These centers – of which there are currently three worldwide (France, China and Malaysia)  – remotely integrate, optimize and steer Air Liquide’s production sites. They allow the Group to better anticipate and adapt to its customers’ needs in each region covered, while also guaranteeing the most energy-efficient operating mode.

Cleaner distribution logistics.

Cleaner distribution logistics

As part of the project to convert diesel fleets to alternative fuels, Air Liquide aims to have 20% of its trucks that transport bulk and cylinder gases running on natural gas, biomethane or hydrogen by 2025. This European initiative could then be extended to other regions in the world. More immediately, Air Liquide is also continuing to optimize the delivery rounds of its trucks to limit the number of kilometers covered.

Article published on May 02, 2019