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A look back at the evolution of the Board of Directors

Earlier this year, your Board of Directors has evolved and now counts 15 members. An opportunity for us to talk about its role and (re)discover the three Directors who joined it last spring.

What are the roles of the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors determines the orientations of the Company’s activities and ensures their implementation, in accordance with its corporate interest, taking into account the social and environmental stakes of its activity. Accordingly, it examines and approves the Group’s major strategic orientations. Subject to the powers attributed to the General Meetings and within the limit of the corporate purpose, the Board deals with any issue concerning the smooth running of the Company and manages corporate business pursuant to its decisions.

Who are the members of the Board of Directors? 

The members are chosen for their skills, their integrity, their independence and their determination to take into account the interests of all shareholders.

Following the decisions taken by the Group's 2021 General Meeting, the Board of Directors is now composed of 15 members: 13 members appointed by the General Meeting, including six women and seven foreign nationals, and two Directors representing employees.

Every nomination of a new Director is made in accordance with the principles of the diversity policy defined by the Board. The Board considers that respecting these diversity criteria, such as complementarity of experience, in particular international experience, nationalities, age, gender, cultures and expertise, contributes to the quality of its debates.

The Air Liquide Board of Directors gathers different profiles and offers a wealth of skills (finance, management, digital, science, international development, etc.) in a variety of sectors (chemicals, consumer products, healthcare, research, energy, services, automotive, etc.).

For more information on the composition of the Board of Directors, you can check this page, or look at the dedicated part in the third chapter of the 2020 Universal Registration Document for more information on its missions. 

Who are the three newest members of the Board of Directors? 

You can find below the presentation video of the three new Directors whose appointment was approved by the shareholders during Air Liquide’s 2021 General Meeting. 

Mr Aiman EZZAT, Chief Executive Officer of Capgemini

Mr Bertrand Dumazy, Chairman and CEO of Edenred

Mr Pierre Breber, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Chevron

Article published on September 23, 2021