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Maintaining the quality of our service to shareholders

Dialogue and proximity are at the heart of Air Liquide’s relationship with its shareholders. On a daily basis under normal circumstances, as well as in this period marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Group makes every possible effort to preserve them.

Ensuring service continuity during the lockdown 

Even if the Shareholders’ Lounge in Paris had to close temporarily, Shareholder Services has adapted to ensure the continuity of its activities while facing an increase in solicitations. As soon as the lockdown came into effect, all advisors continued their work remotely and in strict compliance with the regulations governing securities account communications. They have been able to help you on a daily basis, whether by mail, email or telephone, responding to your requests as well as possible.

Christèle and Mehdi, Shareholder Services Advisors, take a look back at this unprecedented period

Keeping you informed

Because we are committed to maintaining a close relationship with you throughout the year and because this is even more important at a time when physical meetings are restricted, we have ensured that we keep you regularly informed of your Group’s major initiatives in this particular period.

Spotlight on an exceptional Annual General Meeting

Your Annual General Meeting was held behind closed doors on May 5, 2020, at the Company’s head office. Due to the situation, the usual organization of this event has been reviewed in order to ensure your safety and that of our employees.

To maintain the dialogue with shareholders, to which we are particularly attached, we have put in place an unprecedented digital feature. You had the opportunity to ask your questions via a dedicated Internet platform: we received more than 350 questions, demonstrating your interest in the Group. On May 5, Benoît Potier, Chairman and CEO of Air Liquide, answered the most frequently asked questions live for more than 40 minutes. In addition, the amount of the attendance fees usually distributed to shareholders during the Meeting, was donated to the Air Liquide Foundation to support actions against COVID-19.

If you missed the live webcast, you can find the entire 2020 Annual General Meeting as well as the “best of” videos at

Article published on July 23, 2020