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Air Liquide launches a campaign to attract new individual shareholders

on social networks

Led by its firm commitment to individual share ownership, the Group is inviting people in their 30s to join its family of “Inventors of the future,” a reference to both the Group’s ability to innovate for the future and to the key role of individual shareholders in supporting the development of companies.

“What are you doing to increase share ownership among young people?” is a question we’re often asked. So, on April 6, we took action and launched a 100% digital communications campaign with the aim of encouraging those in the 30–44 age bracket to discover the world of share ownership.

A collection of seven, often humorous, visuals depicting the key themes of the Group’s development strategy (innovation, sustainable development, hydrogen, etc.) will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter up until the end of June. They will accompanied by a video highlighting five reasons to invest in Air Liquide as well as a dedicated website where visitors can learn about the Group and access Air Liquide’s share price simulator.

Discover the concept behind this unprecedented campaign by watching this video:

With 50,000 new shareholders in 2020, there are now 470,000 individual shareholders, holding 33% of the Group’s share capital. And we hope that figure will continue to grow!

Article published on May 10, 2021