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wins the Grand Prix (top prize) at French magazine L’AGEFI’s Corporate Governance Awards 2020

Air Liquide wins this prestigious Grand Prix (top prize) for Corporate Governance for the third time. The award reflects the Group’s commitment to the quality of its governance.

The Corporate Governance Awards held by the French financial magazine L’AGEFI have been rewarding corporate governance best practices in SBF 1201 companies every year since 2004.

Air Liquide is extremely honored to be recognized by the profession in this way. It highlights the good governance of the Group, from complying with high standards and having diverse and complementary management body teams, through to the quality and transparency of its communication. The Group also promotes innovation in this area in order to offer increasingly effective governance in line with society's expectations. 

In the particular context of this year, the expert panel was also keen to highlight the Group’s ability to swiftly unite its management bodies, as well as employees, to work with public authorities and healthcare professionals in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

1The SBF 120 is a French stock market index that reflects changes in the market capitalization of the shares of the top 120 continuously listed companies on the Paris stock exchange.

Article published on September 22, 2020