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Air Liquide Healthcare teams more mobilized than ever


In the international and national health context of the COVID-19 outbreak, your Group is mobilized to support healthcare professionals, hospitals and patients.

In the context of the health crisis, Air Liquide is more mobilized than ever to support healthcare professionals, hospitals and patients. Our Healthcare teams have taken the necessary actions to address the increasing needs, in coordination with Health Authorities, in France and in all the countries where we operate.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the needs for medical oxygen but also for ventilators for respiratory assistance have indeed increased significantly.

To address the increasing medical oxygen needs of hospitals, our production units are running at full capacity and our technicians are actively working to review or install oxygen pipeline networks, which support the installation of additional intensive care units in hospitals and even in emergency refurbished areas.

As a reminder, Air Liquide has already started the process of tripling its respirators production capacities mid-March. To fulfill the French government’s request, Air Liquide is also coordinating a working group bringing together Groupe PSA, Schneider Electric and Valeo to define an action plan to supply a total of 10,000 respirators in 50 days. To meet this industrial challenge, the exceptional contribution of 100 partner companies will be sought so as to provide the 300 essential components that are necessary for the fabrication of these medical systems.

Finally, our Home Healthcare teams carry on with their mission of supporting patients with chronic diseases, who are among the most fragile during this period, and they can now provide early discharge of patients with COVID-19 to relieve the burden on hospitals (installation of medical beds, infusion pumps, oxygen or ventilation equipment). In addition, the Home Healthcare entities of Air Liquide in France got organized to lend available equipment like concentrators, ventilators, tanks and medical beds to hospitals.

Your Group is fully mobilized to face this pandemic. Protecting the health of our employees, customers, patients and partners, while ensuring the continuity of our services, is our priority. Our Healthcare teams on the ground are showing exemplary courage. The devotion shown and efforts deployed over the last few weeks prove our solidarity, resilience, and commitment to continue serving our customers and patients.

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Article published on April 01, 2020