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420,000 shareholders, 420,000 reasons

to support the transition to a hydrogen society

Bernadette and Henri are globetrotting shareholders, but they are especially committed to supporting the development of hydrogen mobility.

Did you know?
By 2030, the cost of producing low-carbon hydrogen should drop by up to 60%1

In over 50 years, Air Liquide has developed unique know-how across the entire hydrogen chain (from production to storage and distribution). The Group wishes to play a major role in the supply of low-carbon hydrogen. 

And that is precisely what interests Bernadette and Henri. They have been Air Liquide shareholders for more than 20 years, not just because of the company's position in the industry, but also to support the development of hydrogen mobility.  

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1  Hydrogen Council, McKinsey report - Path to Hydrogen competitiveness, a cost perspective - 2020

Article published on May 14, 2020