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470,000 shareholders,

470,000 men… and women!

Long considered to be a male-dominated area, individual share ownership is evolving, with a notable shift towards feminization.


Did you know?
Of the 400,000 new* French shareholders counted in 2020 by the AMF (French National Association of Joint Stock Companies)(1), 54% are women**, an upward trend over the last two years(2).


We welcome this feminization of share ownership at Air Liquide, without forgetting that we already have many women among our 470,000 individual shareholders. 

Discover Bernadette's story, in which she tells us about her family’s long share ownership tradition. Passed down by her grandmother, who bought her family's first shares in the 1950s, Bernadette inherited this culture of share ownership, which will live on for generations to come.

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*Individual investors who have placed at least one purchase order during the period under review for the first time since January 2018, the date on which investment service providers became required to report financial instruments transactions to regulators, with the exception of transactions in collective investment schemes. This figure includes both people who have never placed a stock exchange order before and investors who have been inactive since January 1, 2018.

**Percentage assessed on the basis of a representative panel of 1,029 new French shareholders.

(1)Active Retail Investor Dashboard, No.1, AMF — January 2021.

(2)Observatoire des investisseurs individuels 2020 (Observatory of Individual Investors 2020), OpinionWay & F2IC survey — November 2020.

Article published on March 05, 2021