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Responsible finance: the younger generation have their say

Young people increasingly expect companies to combine profitability with corporate social responsibility, whether they are their customers, employees or even their shareholders. This expectation resonates with the Air Liquide model.

Although the average age for investing in the stock market for the first time remains high (34 years old(1)), the younger generation is interested in individual share ownership: 79% of 25-40 year olds state that they may invest in a company or that they have already done so(2). More importantly, they increasingly consider this investment as a way to take concrete action, by combining profitability with a quest for meaning: almost two thirds of young people say they are prepared to accept a lower return if a company is committed to corporate social responsibility approaches, such as the creation of new jobs or respecting the environment(3).

“When we own a share, we have a voice. And when we have a voice, we can act.”

Luidgy B. - ESCP Europe

This rapidly growing desire to combine performance with meaning reflects Air Liquide’s strategy. The Group has always taken a long-term approach and vision, by targeting profitable, sustained and responsible growth.

To mark Investir Day, several students took part in a public speaking contest on the theme “Responsible finance: how to give meaning to your investments”. Discover their opinions on the stock market, individual share ownership and Air Liquide.

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Article published on November 29, 2019