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The benefits of intermediary registered shares for your customers

Throughout Air Liquide history, a long-term shareholder base has been an essential component of our growth. Wealth managers, by inviting your clients to convert their shares to intermediary registered status, you are offering them access to enhanced performance, more services and a closer relationship with the Group.

Expertise and transparency

Portfolio management and the business relationship remain exclusively yours. Your clients maintain their accustomed interactions, and continue to receive management documentation from your company (account statements, income tax returns, market transaction statement, etc.).

Portfolio management charges (conversion, handling fees, management fees, brokerage fees, etc.) are set by your financial institution.

An asset to the wealth of your clients

Our commitment to developing long-term relationships with our shareholders dovetails perfectly with your own client wealth management strategies.

Maximizing the value generated by investing in Air Liquide shares is influenced by three factors:

  • Increasing share price over time
  • Performance as a global leader committed to a clear strategy for the future
  • Policy of a actively rewarding loyal shareholders

In this context, intermediary registered shares open the door to a series of Air Liquide benefits:

  • Loyalty bonus (a 10% increase in the dividend and the number of free shares)
  • Regular information (shareholders' newsletter and shareholder's guide delivered by post or e-mail)
  • Close relationship (direct contact with Air Liquide Shareholder Services and admission to the Annual General Meeting)

Please note: Air Liquide shares held in a PEA share savings plan can also be intermediary registered, and therefore benefit from the loyalty bonus.

Intermediary registration made simple

Making the transition to intermediary registered status is a very simple process. All your clients have to do is send you a conversion request, repeating the process whenever new shares are purchased. There are no tax implications whatsoever for your clients.

From your point of view, there is no change of institution: the conversion request is forwarded to the account holder, which transfers the shares from a bearer account to an intermediary registered account. Entry in our share register requires no action on your part, since it is regularly updated via Euroclear.