Hype: the zero-emission hydrogen taxis

Published on April 23, 2021

2 mins

100% hydrogen taxis... How can we fight air pollution while continuing to transport passengers around major cities like Paris? By eliminating polluting exhaust emissions from vehicles, starting with taxis. They emit significant volumes of fine particles and produce an average of 17 tonnes of CO2 per car, per year. Founded by STEP in partnership with Air Liquide, Hype is the world’s first fleet of taxis that exclusively uses hydrogen-powered vehicles. The goal: zero emissions, zero noise pollution.

Taxis are the perfect entry point to developing hydrogen vehicles, like company vehicle fleets, buses, waste collection vehicles, lorries, and trains.

Erwin Penfornis

Vice President of Air Liquide’s hydrogen energy world business line

Mathieu Gardies

This fundraising will give us the critical mass that we need to continue to roll out a virtuous hydrogen-based ecosystem.

Mathieu Gardies

Founder and CEO of Hype taxis