Building a better employee experience

An illustration at Air Liquide Brazil

Published on April 12, 2022

4 mins

At Air Liquide, we create an engaging and inclusive environment that allows each employee to flourish. In Brazil, this approach has helped develop team motivation and strengthened collaboration between teams.

Debora Trevisan is the Director of Human Resources for Air Liquide Brazil. A psychologist by training, she has an MBA and began her career in HR more than 25 years ago, as an HR specialist. Since her arrival at Air Liquide in 2019, she has focused on transforming the company culture in Brazil and improving the employee experience.

We place our employees at the center of everything we do, and we encourage them to grow and develop their potential.

Debora Trevisan

What is Air Liquide’s approach to strengthening the employee-employer relationship?

We place our employees at the center of everything we do, and we encourage them to grow and develop their potential through our program ‘Be, Act, Engage’. This initiative is based on dialogue and collaboration. We also ensure that our employees connect with and understand the company’s larger goals and objectives, which is why employee engagement is a key pillar of Air Liquide’s sustainable development strategy. In this context, we have launched many initiatives.

What key initiatives are you most proud of launching?

It’s impossible to choose! We have implemented new programs in several areas: safety, development, collaboration, inclusion and diversity, health and well-being, social responsibility. To do so, we have listened to employees’ expectations and engaged them in their implementation. For example, we created a Diversity Committee and founded ‘Give an UP to your CV’ to increase the inclusion of disabled persons in the workforce. We’ve remodeled our offices to include more collaborative spaces and implemented a new remote-work policy. I’m also very proud of CuidAR, a well-being program that promotes mental, physical and emotional health.

Did you see changes in employee engagement?

Definitely! The benefits of these programs are tenfold and are demonstrated in a concrete fashion by our survey results. With My Voice, the Group program to measure employee engagement at Air Liquide, we have seen an increase of several points in our engagement index between 2020 and 2021. Another survey, the Great Place to Work external review compares us with the Brazilian market, and we have risen 13 points just between 2019 and 2021! These are great signs that our commitment to creating a welcoming and motivating environment for everyone within the company is working. Additionally, a representative of one of our suppliers told me that she had noticed positive evolution in our employees’ relationships with her team and she asked me for our strategy so that she could use it in her own company. That’s what I am most proud of!