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Air Liquide in Taiwan Our Business Offer

Our Business Offer

Being deeply rooted in Taiwan, every customer is our most important partner. We cultivate close relationships with our customers to understand their supply needs, continuously expand product applications and services, use advanced technical expertise to help customers improve productivity and product quality.

Air Liquide Taiwan is an outstanding leader for industry in Taiwan, providing total solution and service like pipeline or cylinder. Air Liquide Taiwan gives strong motivation to Taiwan industry. 

Air Liquide Taiwan is devoted to safety, the best solution, high quality products and service in the electronics industry especially in Semiconductor, DRAM, FPD and PV customers. We are standing besides the Taiwan technology take-off in the past decades and leading efforts in collaboration with our customers soaring to the new height.

Our ALOHA™ product line is designed for the most sensitive stage of the microchip manufacturing process.


We  protect vulnerable lives in the continuum of care from hospital to home, we provide the quality products and services

caregivers and patients need, backed with optimal support. In hospitals we provide medical gases as well as medical equipment and installations. In home healthcare our services cover obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, long term oxygen therapy and home mechanical ventilation. We are also present in the specialty ingredients (excipients and actives for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutrition and vaccine markets) with SEPPIC.