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Air Liquide announces its “Easy Gas Converter” mobile app for smart phones

Air Liquide today announced the launch of its free Easy Gas Converter smart phone app designed for use by industry professionals, technicians and the academic community.

The app is available for the iPhone in the iTunes App Store, and the Android app is available in the Google Play store.

The Air Liquide Easy Gas Converter app gives users the ability to instantly calculate conversions for 14 gas molecules, such as nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen, from gaseous to liquid state. The app also includes a unit calculator that converts weight and measures area, length and volume. Additional unit conversions include pressure, energy, power, velocity, density, specific energy and others. Users can easily share conversions through email, text message, Facebook and Twitter from within the app.

The app can be customized according to a user’s personal preferences. Data conversions are available in both the standard U.S. and metric systems. Users can customize the display by arranging the order of molecules and unit conversions within the application.

The app provides an additional resource for customers: the Air Liquide facility locator, provides the physical address, web address, and main locations and telephone numbers for Air Liquide’s head offices worldwide.

All of the app’s features, with the exception of the easy sharing feature, are available with or without a network connection.

Mark Lostak, president of Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP., said: “In keeping with the spirit of innovation in which Air Liquide was founded, we work daily to leverage new technologies and applications like The Easy Gas Converter to provide improved user experiences, greater efficiencies and innovative solutions for our customers.”

The Easy Gas Converter provides an easy, portable conversion tool that enables collaboration and information sharing within the industrial gas industry and academic communities. It is the second mobile application released by Air Liquide this year in the English language. In March, Air Liquide launched its Gas Encyclopedia app for tablet devices.


Easy Gas Converter app

- Available in English
- Conversions in both the standard U.S. and metric systems
- Download the iPhone app
- Download the Android app

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