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Air Liquide in Vietnam Healthcare


Air liquide Vietnam was the first company to introduce liquid oxygen to hospitals to replace gaseous oxygen cylinders in Vietnam for more reliable and stable supply. We provides oxygen, helium & calibration gases completely in accordance with Vietnam and international Healthcare Standards. We also offer a wide range of equipment suited to hospital use, such as liquid oxygen supply system, pressure regulation and pipeline. 
Breathing supported with Air Liquide medical oxygen
Cryogenic tanks with different sizes from 3,000lt to 63,000lt for liquid medical oxygen strorage

Air liquide Vietnam has actively promoted medical oxygen standards to leading hospitals in Vietnam to replace so-called in gerenal "oxygen" for both industry and hopstials.

Standard equipments and oxygen backup system are also recommended to ensure the highest reliablity and safety specifically rquired for hospitals.


The Voyageur dewar range is specifically designed for carrying biological products

With increasing number of MRI in the country, which requires liquid helium for start-up and top-up, Air liquide has invested dewars to offer liquid helium and tratranfilling service locally.

It also offers liquid nitrogen in dewars and suitable containers to perserve and store samples, tissues and cells.