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Design and production

A presence in Europe and China

Air Liquide Welding operates several production units across Europe and in China, specialized in the manufacturing of welding equipment and consumable products. The organization is completed by centres of excellence.


Parthenay (France) Equipment Automation
Brielow (Germany) Consumables Solid wires, Submerged arc wires
Wisenburg (Germany) Consumables Solid wires
Eisenberg (Germany) Consumables Submerged arc fluxes
Due Carrare (Italy) Consumables Coated electrodes, Cores wires, Submerged arc wires, TIG rods
Ardenno (Italy) Consumables Submerged arc fluxes
Verona (Italy) Equipment Flame
Storo (Italy) Consumables Solid wires
Buzau (Romania) Consumables Coated electrodes, Cored wires
Nitra (Slovakia) Equipment Power sources
Zaragoza (Spain) Consumables Coated electrodes
Hangzhou (China) Equipment Power sources (assembly)

A more effective response

To provide an even more effective response, the Research & Development and Industrialization teams are grouped together in three centers of excellence: Eisenberg (Germany), Due Carrare (Italy) and Pont-Sainte-Maxence (France).

This concentration delivers two important benefits:

  • A significant reduction in the time taken to develop and implement innovative solutions for industry
  • A more effective ability to solve technical problems

A certified production process

All Air Liquide Welding production units are ISO 9001 certified, guaranteeing the presence and application of an effective quality management system. Two units also have QSC - ASME quality certification for nuclear applications.