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A close-knit sales and logistics network

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Air Liquide Welding’s priorities. To deliver a rapid response at the local level, a close-knit sales network is supported by an optimized logistics structure to provide maximum coverage.

A long-term commitment

Complementing our close working relationship with key accounts is a network of 7,000 local distributors through which we deliver effective and efficient service to our customers worldwide. As our business partners, they provide distribution of the welding products and equipment for all five Air Liquide Welding brands.

Four main distribution centers and four regional centers

Our partnership with our distributors is underpinned by a series of key principles. This win-win relationship means that we work together to drive growth. We continually focus on the development of long-term relationships through training and expert support.

The Air Liquide Welding logistics network is structured around four main distribution centers (in France, Italy, Germany and Romania) and four regional centers (in Slovakia, the UK, Spain and Sweden).