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Performance and Innovation

Air Liquide Welding offers a range of innovative, high-performance equipment designed to optimize productivity for its customers and improve working environments and safety for their operators.

Our equipment and services portfolio

Manual installations

For manual applications, Air Liquide Welding markets products for two welding categories (flame, arc welding).

"Flame" equipment, for the welding & cutting oxyacetylene process, include blowpipes, torches, pressure regulators and safety devices dedicated to this technology.

"Arc" welding and cutting solutions are covered through four families of equipment:

  • MMA welding machines
  • DC TIG welding machines for use with carbon steels, and AC/DC machines for welding steels and light alloys
  • MIG/MAG machines for welding with solid or flux cored wires
  • Compressed air plasma arc metal cutters

The use of multiple technologies (transformers, electrical rectifiers, thyristors and inverters) allows us to offer our customers the best-possible solutions in terms of efficiency, productivity and lower power consumption. These manual welding machines are distributed through our CemontOerlikonSAF-FRO and Weldteam brands.

Tools and accessories

In addition to performance, we also contribute to improving the safety and working environment for welders.

We offer a complete range of protective accessories and equipment, from masks and gloves to safety footwear. Reliable, comfortable and tailored to every situation’s needs, these items contribute to improving operator working conditions and safety on a daily basis.

Air treatment for better working conditions

Given that operators’ safety and clean workshops are key for optimum working conditions, Air Liquide Welding offers fume and dust extraction and treatment equipment.

The range of air treatment solutions offered enables companies to protect their welders in full compliance with all relevant legislation. This technology has the additional benefit of protecting electrical and CNC equipment against malfunctions caused by airborne particles, thereby delivering significant savings on maintenance costs.


Because we understand that productivity gains are central challenges for our customers in a constantly changing market, we offer a broad range of innovative automated installations.

Our standard range of automated solutions is supplemented by custom installations designed to solve customers' specific welding problems.

A comprehensive range of installations

For cutting and welding operations involving unalloyed and low alloy steels, stainless steels and light alloys, we offer:

  • Automatic cutting machines: oxy-cutting and plasma cutting
  • Automatic welding installations: submerged arc welding, TIG welding/plasma welding, MIG welding/MAG welding and positioning solutions (column and booms and positioners)
  • Equipment for robotic applications: TIG welding, micro-plasma welding, MIG/MAG and plasma cutting

These robust, multipurpose installations ensure high-precision guidance and full operation safety. They also adapt easily to a range of different activities, from metal fabrication and security metalwork to street furniture manufacturing, ventilation, air conditioning and sheet metalworking.


Tailored individually to local circumstances, Air Liquide Welding Services cover a broad spectrum from training to maintenance, technical support and upgrading of existing installations.

We provide our customers with the support they need to optimize their own expertise and maintain their installed equipment base.

Training programs

From initial basic training to in-service progression, we offer training programs to cover all manual and automated processes. Our programs are delivered on an inter-company and in-house basis. Their length varies depending on the basic skill level of trainees and the training goals to be achieved.

Effective installation maintenance

Our after-sales service offers a full range of maintenance options. Since proper maintenance is essential for maximum equipment life, preventive maintenance remains our priority. Not only is preventive maintenance essential for efficient welding and cutting installation operation, but it also provides our technicians with the opportunity to identify reliability risks.

Tailored technical support

From feasibility studies to on-site application, our team of recognized experts is available to work on an individual basis with customers to assess their specific applications and suggest solutions tailored to their needs.

For its automated applications, Air Liquide Welding has a number of showrooms with latest-generation welding and cutting installations and designed to demonstrate its capabilities and provide customers with personalized technical support.

Retrofitting for improved productivity

Air Liquide Welding also offers upgrades for existing welding and cutting installations, regardless of manufacturer or brand. Our upgrading services improve overall productivity by adapting new equipment that exploits more up-to-date technologies and new functions.