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Our purpose

New horizons for welding and cutting

Air Liquide Welding designs, produces and markets welding and cutting processes, solutions and services for professional users.

A commitment to global solutions

We offer innovative solutions that enable our customers to boost their performance and productivity while also ensuring the convenience and safety of their operators. Working through its 5 brands, Air Liquide Welding is one of the very few actors in the market to offer global solutions that include:

  • Expert control of processes
  • Provision of equipment and consumable products
  • Manual and automated equipment
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Advice and training

Focus on

Ichthys, a large-scale offshore project

Our expertise allows us to support our customers in even their most complex projects. Air Liquide Welding Italy recently contributed to the Ichthys project.

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The Ichthys LNG project involves the construction of a pipeline at a depth of 275 meters beneath the Australian Timor Sea. The project designer is SAIPEM, a globally recognized specialist in the delivery of large-scale offshore and onshore projects. As part of constructing this 889-km pipeline, Air Liquide Welding Italy was awarded an order to supply nearly 1,000 metric tons of flux and submerged arc wires in December 2013. Securing this order marked the culmination of lengthy preparatory work, including the supply of samples, welding procedure approvals, selection of secure packaging solutions (DryBag for the flux and waterproof wooden cases for the wire), and full compliance with the demanding DNV-OS-F101 (2010) submarine pipeline standard. The Ichthys project brings together the full range of our expertise in the offshore pipe-laying sector.


Three centers of excellence

Air Liquide Welding’s innovative capabilities are supported and enhanced by three Research & Development and Industrialization centers in Pont-Sainte-Maxence (France), Due Carrare (Italy) and Eisenberg (Germany). This network provides us with excellent market knowledge and our customers with a highly responsive service.

A presence in over 80 countries

With a presence in more than 80 countries - and particularly strong representation in Europe - Air Liquide Welding delivers an effective and daily response to the needs of a very broad spectrum of industries, from energy to transportation, construction and metal fabrication.

Air Liquide Welding - New horizons for welding and cutting

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