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An extensive portfolio of products

Air Liquide Welding offers an extensive portfolio of consumables (also referred to as welding filler metal or filler materials). These products enable the assembly and overlay coating of a multitude of metals - from the most commonly used steels to the most sophisticated alloys - for the most advanced applications. The range covers the full spectrum of brazing, braze-welding, welding and overlay coating.

An extensive range of consumables

Our welding consumables range is structured into five families:

  • Coated electrodes for MMA welding
  • Cored wires for MIG/MAG welding
  • Solid wires for MIG/MAG welding and filler rods for TIG welding
  • Wire/flux combinations for submerged arc welding and strip/flux combinations for strip overlay applications in submerged arc and electroslag welding
  • Filler metal and fluxe for brazing, braze-welding and oxyacetylene oxy-gas welding

These consumables are distributed through our three flagship brands of Oerlikon, SAF-FRO et Cemont

Pack sizes from drum to mini-pack

As part of responding as effectively as possible to the needs of our customers, we offer an enormous range of pack sizes.

In addition to standard packs, Air Liquide Welding also markets drums of welding wires for automated applications, plastic mini-packs of electrodes for maintenance applications, and vacuum-packed electrodes and flux for optimum product shelf life and to limit the need for oven drying.