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“Green Action”

As an annual nationwide tree-planting campaign organized by Air Liquide China since 2009, “Green Action” aims to raise awareness of environmental protection among employees and promote interaction with local communities, at the same time deliver important eco concepts.

The campaign has grown popular among company staff across China in recent years. In 2019, 453 employees and their families from 32 sites of Air Liquide China planted 3,049 trees.

Air Liquide Computer Classroom

“Air Liquide Computer Classroom”

Air Liquide started to donate recycled computers and stationery to primary school students in remote area in 2012. This program aims to ensure students' access to computers as a means for equipping them with essential knowledge and skills for the digital era.  In addition, to broaden the horizon of the students, local volunteers from Air Liquide China will visit the school periodically to share knowledge on safety, science, environmental protection and other subjects.  As of now, Air Liquide has donated seven Air Liquide Computer Classrooms in China.


Road Safety Lecture for Children

According to the data from WHO in recent years, road traffic injuries are the major reason of death among teenagers. But doing some simple self-protections can change a lot. Air Liquide has so long made safety a priority. It's a natural extension of the company culture to choose road safety as one of its CSP topics. Air Liquide China holds road safety lectures in schools every year, teaching children to master road safety knowledge and apply in daily life by interesting experiments and interactive games. By end of June 2019, Air Liquide China has held 40 sessions of road safety lecture for children, benefiting 2,016 kids and 517 adults.

Marathon First Responder Volunteer

Marathon First Responder Program

Shanghai holds international marathon game every late autumn since 1996. Due to the long competition agenda and big amount of participants, there is always high risk of emergencies like cardiac arrest etc during the game. And when there is such emergency, a qualified first-aider is critical to save sports man' s life before the ambulance arrives.Air Liquide China started to promote this new CSP item in 2016, aiming at increase employees' first-aid consciousness and capability and encouraging employees to contribute to life-protection in community. In September 2016, Air Liquide China organized an external training session for 20 volunteers to help them acquire first-aid qualifications. By now, those volunteers have totally provided 910 hours of first-aid service for around 40 sports events.

Because of these programs, Air Liquide China received quite a few recognitions from the society in recent years:

· In 2014, Air Liquide China was presented the Excellent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award at the 7 th Shanghai Public Relations Excellence Awards ceremony held in Shanghai.

· In 2015, Air Liquide China was presented the Excellent Practice Award at the first  Corporate Social Responsibility Awards of Xuhui District in Shanghai.

· In 2016, two Air Liquide Cases were selected as 2016 Excellent CSR Practices of Foreign-Invested Enterprises in China.

· In both 2016 and 2017, Air Liquide China received Responsible Brand Award at China Charity Festival.

· From 2016 to 2019, Air Liquide China was honored Best Brand Image Award at China Finance Summit for the fourth consecutive year.