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The Annual General Meeting

A key moment in the life of the company and its Shareholders

Air Liquide strives every year to make sure its Annual General Meeting is a special event, a unique venue for interaction and information about the Group. Air Liquide places great importance on Shareholder participation and voting regardless of the number of shares held.

The Annual General Meeting in a nutshell

The Annual General Meeting is the annual meeting of Shareholders. It's an opportunity to play an active role in the life of the Group, to hear about our results, our financial and extra-financial performance, and our short and medium-term growth prospects. It is also an opportunity to debate with the audience before voting on the proposed resolutions and to participate in the Group's major decisions.

Air Liquide's Annual General Meeting is the largest in France, with nearly 4,000 Shareholders (on-site and online).

Participating means voting 

The Annual General Meeting is the pinnacle of our Shareholder democracy. We strongly encourage our Shareholders, regardless of the number of shares they hold, to vote on the resolutions and to attend the event. Don't miss this opportunity to make your voice heard and play an active role in Inventing the future today.

Registered Shareholders: You receive your invitation to the Annual General Meeting by mail, or by email if you have opted for the electronic invitation in your Online Shareholder Portal communication preferences. 

Bearer Shareholders: You receive your invitation to the Annual General Meeting through your financial institution. 

If you want to know more about the different ways of holding your shares, please refer to the dedicated factsheet.

Voting and registration for the Annual General Meeting are usually open one month before the Meeting. 

Before the Annual General Meeting

  • Online voting 
    • Registered Shareholder: You can vote via your Online Shareholder Portal by following the on-screen instructions. 
    • Bearer Shareholder: You can vote via your financial institution's website, which will tell you which voting system is available to you.
  • By mail 
    • Complete the voting form you received by mail with the Invitation to the Annual General Meeting and return it in the prepaid envelope.

On the day of the Annual General Meeting 

Air Liquide has set up an electronic voting system. Once you have registered, you will be given a tablet to cast your vote on each of the resolutions presented. The voting results are processed and displayed immediately.

At the Palais des Congrès de Paris 

You must register early to request your admission card.

Register online

This is the fastest and easiest way:

  • If you are a registered Shareholder, from your Shareholders Portal
  • If you are a bearer Shareholder, contact the financial institution holding your securities account or PEA (Plan d’Epargne en Actions)  

You can ask for: 

  • an admission card: if you have neither voted nor delegated your power to the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting or to a third party. This card will enable you to vote at the Annual General Meeting. 
  • a “Shareholder already voted” card: if you have already voted or delegated your powers to the Chairman or a third party.

Depending on your choice, you can download your card or request to receive it by email or mail.

Register by mail 

If you have received a voting form by mail, please tick only the box "I wish to attend the General Meeting and request an admission card". You will then receive your admission card by mail.

Your admission card will be required at the venue entrance to allow you access to the Annual General Meeting.

Live webcast

The entire Annual General Meeting will be broadcast live in French, English and sign language on the dedicated page on website. This broadcast is open to everyone, whether you are a Shareholder or want to become one!

Archived AGMs