With hydrogen, the energy transition is accelerating

Hydrogen... everyone is talking about it, and for a good reason! Reducing CO2 emissions from industry, developing clean transportation, limiting the use of fossil fuels: hydrogen ticks many boxes. It's simple, its potential is immense for the coming decades. With hydrogen, the energy transition is really accelerating.

Génération Hydrogène

Climate emergency, energy mix, clean mobility, industrial renewal, energy sovereignty... These are some of the major challenges we are facing today and to which hydrogen provides, in one way or another, all or part of the solution.

To learn more about this molecule and the challenges of its use, Air Liquide invites you to Génération Hydrogène.

  • Accelerating the decarbonization of industry

  • Driving forward hydrogen mobility for road, water and air

  • Fostering clean production, the challenge of the decade

  • Joining forces around hydrogen

Developed on an industrial scale, this molecule will not only help respond to the climate emergency but also to the needs of populations and businesses.  Air Liquide's mastery of hydrogen is decisive. But this mastery alone is not enough. Faced with environmental challenges, Air Liquide wants to move forward hand in hand with all the stakeholders of the hydrogen industry, without any blinkers and with pragmatism.

The future is being shaped by hydrogen in particular, that has become a crucial enabler of a successful energy transition. And this success will undoubtedly be collective.

Matthieu Giard

Vice President, Member of the Executive Committee supervising the Industrial Merchant and Hydrogen business lines

20 and 25% of CO₂ emissions are produced by industry and transport respectively

Source: International Energy Agency (2021)

Do you feel that heavy industry is changing?

Driving forward hydrogen mobility for road, water and air

In transport, everything is changing! Hydrogen is now identified as a "zero emission" energy vector by fleet operators, shipbuilders, aircraft and truck manufacturers.

Thanks to hydrogen, we are taking up the challenge of clean mobility and thus making a concrete contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in one of the most emitting sectors.

Erwin Penfornis

Vice President, Hydrogen Energy business line

Fostering clean production, the challenge of the decade

Heavy industry, transportation, but also electronics, chemical and glass industries…Low-carbon hydrogen and renewable hydrogen will play an increasingly important role in more and more human and economic activities. Today though, the main challenge is clean hydrogen production.

Clean hydrogen production through water electrolysis

Electrolysis, a technique mastered by the Group, is used to produce hydrogen based on the decomposition of water. Behind these technical words lies a large-scale production process of renewable hydrogen that Air Liquide has deployed, providing a concrete response to the energy transition.

Capture, store and even use CO₂

Today, the majority of hydrogen is produced from natural gas through the steam methane reforming process. The capture of CO2 during this process is another major issue to which Air Liquide is responding with a unique solution: Cryocap™. This carbon can then be stored at a large scale or reused in other industrial processes.

Federating energies around hydrogen

75 countries, 66,400 employees and a corporate culture deeply rooted in the mastery of hydrogen... Major industrial groups, but also startups that want to innovate in low-carbon hydrogen, recognize Air Liquide's central place in this ecosystem.

Skills are crossed, or better still, they merge. Faurecia and Siemens, among other major global players, are our technological partners. Airbus, ADP and VINCI Airports are our partners in various projects to invent the airports and aircraft of tomorrow. On the road, we operate with a number of companies such as Lotte Chemicals, First Element or via our joint venture "HysetCo" with Toyota and TotalEnergies in particular. The list is long but inspiring, and yes, that is our passion.


Hydrogen Council, at the heart of a global dynamic

Observers will note the impressive development of the Hydrogen Council: 13 industry leaders instantly joined this global initiative in 2017. It now comprises some 120 industrial groups.

Air Liquide, major partner of Energy Observer

Energy Observer and Air Liquide have been working together since the launch of an incredible odyssey, that of the Energy Observer, the first hydrogen laboratory vessel to travel the world to demonstrate the key role of hydrogen in the energy transition.

The world’s largest clean hydrogen infrastructure fund

Air Liquide, TotalEnergies, VINCI and several international companies are launching the world's largest fund dedicated to low-carbon hydrogen infrastructure.

See hydrogen differently

If you want to understand to what extent the ecological transition goes along with hydrogen, and become familiar with certain technical and scientific aspects, if you are keen on discovering the latest international innovations, or if you simply want to debate and exchange ideas, in short, if you think that hydrogen is changing the game, then cH2ange with hydrogen is for you. Discover this initiative!


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