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The way we work at Air Liquide

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At Air Liquide, we listen to our employees’ expectations. We create an engaging environment, diverse and inclusive, that allows employees to grow and to thrive.

Introducing BeActEngage

The way we work at Air Liquide, BeActEngage, helps us face challenges and seize new opportunities in today’s fast-changing environment. It is about living our fundamentals, acting for our success, and creating an engaging environment.

Be is about living our fundamentals through your contributions that make Air Liquide a safe place to work, your behaviour and your engagement for our long-term performance.

Safety, Ethics, and Long-Term Performance have always been and will remain the foundation of our success.

Acting for our success relies on three words: Deliver, Care, and Adapt.

Deliver is about achieving short-term ans mid-term results by taking ownership and being proactive.

Care about our customers, patients and  your collegues is about embedding customer centricity and respectful teamwork in our environment.

Adapt is first about being aware of what is changing around us and then developing our ability to adapt, and promoting a continuous improvement mindset.

Engage is about leaders creating an engaging environment by giving Purpose, sharing the why. Trusting and being trusted. Leaders who empower and give clear expectations as well as are walking the talk, and leaders who are growing our people by giving guidance and learning opportunities.


As part of the feedback culture at Air Liquide, we listen to the voice of our employees by conducting an annual engagement survey called MyVoice. Thanks to this program, we better understand what we need to work on,and we act to improve the engagement of our employees through initiatives deployed at different level in the organization: team, entity and Group level.

Inclusion & Diversity

Diversity is at the core of Air Liquide’s business. Our solutions serve a huge range of customers in activities from aeronautics to home healthcare, from chemicals to food processing, electronics and beyond. To be the leader in our industry requires Air Liquide to reflect the diversity we see in our customers and patients.

As Chairman of the European Round Table for Industrials (ERT),  Benoît Potier signed the #EmbraceDifference pledge along with 50 other ERT CEOs, and committed to creating the right environment and conditions for all employees to reach their full potential.

Promoting diversity is essential, because it is a source of innovation and talents which contributes to the richness and performance of the organization.

François Jackow

Chief Executive Officer of Air Liquide

Our 3 pillars roadmap

As part of the Group’s Sustainability Objectives, we are committed to creating  equal opportunities for all, and promoting a diverse workplace, where each individual’s unique background (nationality, gender, and educational qualifications…) are sources of dynamism, creativity, and performance.

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  • Track objectives for all entities

  • Mitigate bias in talent discussions and improve HR processes

  • Promote a culture of inclusion

150 nationalities

currently represented within the Group

35% of women among our managers and professionals by 2025 (Group objective)

Vs. 30% in 2020

89/100 Gender equality index of Air Liquide S.A. in 2023

The index is broken down as follows:

  • The gender compensation gap: 34/40
  • The gender gap in the allocation of individual pay rises: 20/20
  • The gender gap in the distribution of promotions: 15/15
  • The number of female employees who receive a pay rise upon their return from maternity leave: 15/15
  • Parity among the 10 highest paid employees: 5/10


The result of the index is the fruit of a consistent policy in terms of compensation. It encourages us to continue and increase our policy in terms of salary equity. Air Liquide's salary policy is based on three criteria: performance, responsibilities in the position held and external compensation markets. It is not based on gender.

Representation of women and men among senior executives and members of the management body

Within the framework of its sustainable development targets, Air Liquide's aim is to ACT with confidence by making commitments in relation to its employees. Among these sustainable development targets, Air Liquide is implementing an ambitious gender diversity plan: it wants women to account for 25% of people with the highest levels of responsibility (senior executives) by 2025, across the Group as a whole. 

The Air Liquide S.A. entity is doing a great deal to help it achieve this aim: women already accounted for 23.7% of its senior executives in 2023 (men accounted for 76.3% of them). The company's governing body is made up of 24.8% women and 75.2% men. 

Encourage employee engagement in local initiatives

We offer each of our employees the opportunity to devote time to a project or a mission supporting the Group’s ESG objectives.

Our objective is to empower our employees to engage in volunteering activities for their local communities. An example is the "Read My Mind" program. Charlotte Howe from Air Liquide UK explains: "We launched the ‘"Read My Mind" program at the end of 2017. This program is about raising awareness of mental health issues among our people and our local communities and removing the stigma around it. We encouraged all of our employees to volunteer and become ambassadors to support colleagues who may be suffering from mental health issues. We currently have 33 trained Mental Health Ambassadors across all of our Midland sites. We proactively run activities and events around Mental health awareness week."

Our recognitions

Air Liquide's sustainability commitments

Advancing for a sustainable future

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