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Women in operations: Xujiao’s energizing career path

Published on April 22, 2024

2 minutes

Air Liquide is committed to promoting diversity in every sector of its organization. The Group puts a great emphasis on the recruitment of female operators, mechanics and technicians. It also encourages them to pursue careers in operations that can open doors to energy transition and other cutting-edge professions.

A successful transition

We’ve met women making a mark in male-dominated technical jobs at operation sites in Brazil. We now travel to China, where we meet up with Xujiao Shi, who tells us how she made the successful transition from operations to a new profession in energy transition.

Pursuing a career in energy transition

As an energy sourcing supervisor, Xujiao works on a number of energy transition projects, which is a key priority for Air Liquide to decarbonize its own assets as well as those of its customers. Working in operations was critical for her, as it allowed her to know how production units work and to better understand energy calculations, the importance of energy efficiency and the impact of carbon emissions.  

Watch the video to learn more about her experience and career progression from operations to energy transition.

Promoting women’s careers 

Improving gender equality and promoting diversity among all our employees is a priority for Air Liquide. To this end, the Group set goals for the percentage of managerial and leadership positions. Our ambition is to reach 35% of women in management and professional roles at Air Liquide, and 25% of women in senior executive positions by 2025. 

The Group is also committed to promoting women’s careers through a multitude of initiatives around the world, that include events on college campuses, learning offerings, mentoring, networks and communities. Convinced of the power of storytelling, Air Liquide has created a dedicated website for its 120th anniversary, featuring the stories of 120 inspiring women from across the Group.

Want to join Xujiao in the adventure?

Are you interested in working on energy transition projects and contributing to the decarbonization of the industry and mobility? If Xujiao’s story inspires you, check out our entire selection of job offers in operations and energy transition on our careers website.

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