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Through their eyes: spotlight on three women working in operations

Published on September 19, 2022

2 minutes

In traditionally male-dominated operations sites in Brazil, take a look at three women making their mark and paving the way for the future young women– a sign of Air Liquide’s ever-growing diversity. Today, Marcella, Daniela and Cassia from Air Liquide Brazil, all three passionate about their technical jobs, share their experience in the field.

Carving a path for women in operations

"The operations roles are vital for serving our customers and patients, they range from production to the supplying of customers through management and optimization of processes"​​ says Tatiane Araujo, Employee Experience Manager Americas. "Diversity is important for our workforce, but we did not have any women working in the field." Tatiane and her team set out to change this by putting emphasis on recruiting female operators, mechanics and technicians and encouraging them to pursue technical careers. Following a campaign to highlight women role models in the field, Air Liquide Brazil has welcomed young women in the team, a great start to developing their technical careers in the Group.

Three stories to get you inspired

They will be marching in the footsteps of the Air Liquide technical women like Daniela Maruyama, who works in process design and implementation in São Paulo. Even twelve years on, she remembers the recruitment process. "It was the first job interview of my life and I was very nervous."  She got it and has never looked back.

Neither has Cassia Silva, Industrial Production Operator in Mauá, who started as a technical intern and now controls CO2 production processes for food, dry ice and industrial customers. "I really enjoy learning and the fact that day-to-day production keeps on providing new challenges," she enthuses.

This pride in her work is something she shares with Operations Coordinator Marcella Mendonça, who works in a Smart Innovative Operations center in São Paulo. "When I learned about Air Liquide, I was attracted to the fact that its products have a big effect on customers, not only big companies but also people in their homes," Marcella explains.

"Being a woman in the field can be challenging at the beginning," she reflects, citing the predominantly male environment where women need to "show colleagues that, together, they can get better results." And when it comes to results, Marcella and her fellow technical women at Air Liquide have plenty to show.

These are just some pieces of the puzzle. Come listen to their full stories as women in the field!

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