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Performing for what matters

2023 Annual Report

When it comes to fighting climate change, helping the industry to transform or advancing patient care, Air Liquide can make a real difference. In a world that is increasingly uncertain on many fronts, the Group’s goal is clear: to have a positive impact.

The future will bring unprecedented opportunities. I firmly believe that our Group will seize these opportunities with determination and boldness.

Benoît Potier

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Air Liquide

What all our developments have in common is their impact and their contribution to society. That’s what our innovative approach, which we are constantly developing, is all about.

François Jackow

Chief Executive Officer of Air Liquide

A unique business model

One of Air Liquide’s great strengths is the resilience of its model, which relies notably on the diversity of its activities serving almost all sectors of the economy.

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Our strategic pillars

The Group launched in 2022 ADVANCE, its strategic plan for 2025, which intricately links financial and extra-financial performance. This plan firmly positions the Group on the path toward comprehensive performance.

Delivering strong financial performance

With ADVANCE, Air Liquide is taking action today while preparing the future. The Group is rising up to an ambitious challenge: maintaining its growth dynamic and improving its profitability while meeting its commitments to reduce CO2 emissions and investing in the markets of the future.

Decarbonizing industry

ADVANCE will enable Air Liquide to consolidate its leading role in the decarbonization of industry and the advent of a low-carbon society in which hydrogen notably plays a decisive role.

Unlocking progress via technology

Innovation and technology are two of Air Liquide’s major strengths that have always enabled the Group to play a pioneering role. Today, these strengths make it possible for the Group to contribute to the development of key sectors of the future, where it intends to strengthen its positions through the ADVANCE plan.

Acting for all

As a civic-minded company, Air Liquide strives to ensure that everything it does is in the interests of its stakeholders and, beyond that, of society as a whole.