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Strengthening our position in Electronics

Published on March 27, 2024

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The rapid development of digital technologies has never had so much momentum. Artificial intelligence, 5G and smart devices (Internet of Things) are revolutionizing science, industry and our everyday lives. Semiconductors are at the heart of this revolution; their shortage during the Covid-19 pandemic almost paralyzed several industrial sectors. Their large-scale and secure supply has therefore become a global and geostrategic issue. In response, manufacturers are investing the equivalent of 100 billion dollars every year(1) in this sector. The market is estimated to be worth 1,000 billion dollars by 2030(2), double the current market valuation. This growth is being driven by the introduction of major government plans that are specifically focused on semiconductors, such as the Chips Acts in the United States and Europe. Air Liquide is contributing to this powerful dynamic by providing the largest semiconductor manufacturers with support for their development, both technological and geographic, with the ultimate goal of consolidating its leadership position.


To strengthen its position in the global market of molecules and services for the electronics industry, Air Liquide has increased its investments in Asia, where it has been the leading supplier of industrial gases for the electronics industry for 30 years. Hundreds of millions of dollars were invested in the construction of two advanced materials production centers to support the development of Taiwanese and South Korean semiconductor giants. By establishing these production centers in the immediate vicinity of its customers’ plants, Air Liquide is improving competitiveness and the collaborative development and production of new cutting-edge molecules that are vital to the manufacture of more complex, more compact and more powerful semiconductors.


of projects in investment backlog are in the Electronics sector

This approach ensures continuity of supply while fostering innovation through constant communication. At the same time, the Group and its customers are reducing the environmental impact of their plants by limiting the number of kilometers covered during transport. This approach is welcomed by our customers, who are no longer dependent on global supply chains.

In addition to its investments in Taiwan and South Korea, Air Liquide has recently opened a new plant in Japan that supplies ultra-pure nitrogen to guarantee the impurity-free environment that is required for semiconductor manufacturing. This plant will prevent annual emissions of 20,000 tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emitted by the electricity consumption of 6,000 Japanese households. The Group has also signed a long-term contract with the Chinese company BOE Technology Group. It specializes in the manufacture of LCD flat-screens and Air Liquide has supplied the company with industrial gases for 20 years. This new contract underlines this customer’s trust in the Group’s expertise.

Air Liquide is also collaborating with some of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world. The Group recently signed a contract extension with one of its long-standing partners, Globalfoundries, for sites in the United States (Malta, New York) and Singapore; Air Liquide currently supplies these sites with ultra-pure nitrogen for semiconductor manufacturing. The Air Liquide plants in Malta will be modernized and a new production unit will be constructed in Singapore. The goal is to increase the energy efficiency of these facilities. For example, the Singapore unit will save energy equivalent to the total energy consumption of more than 3,650 Singaporean households.

By strengthening its presence in all major semiconductor production centers, Air Liquide is positioning itself as a global strategic partner in the development of ultra-high-tech semiconductors. These semiconductors are vital for the development of increasingly sophisticated electronic devices in a wide range of fields, from artificial intelligence and electric vehicles to cloud computing(3) and connected solutions for smart cities!

“Our investments confirm our leadership in the semiconductor sector. This leading position reflects our ability to understand the requirements of the sector’s major players and the quality of the service we provide. These investments are also proof of our ability to provide innovative solutions with a lower environmental impact that meet the highest standards of purity and reliability.”

Guillaume Cottet

Vice President of Electronics at Air Liquide

(1) SEMI.

(2) SEMI FORECAST, Semicon Japan December 2023.

(3) Cloud computing involves transferring computer data to remote servers.

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