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Low-carbon hydrogen
made in USA

Published on March 27, 2024

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Many countries are initiating efforts to accelerate the establishment of a solid hydrogen market. In the United States, the hydrogen hubs program was created within the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and further enabled by the Inflation Reduction Act, creating a total of 8 billion dollars in incentives. This massive investment plan aims at supporting the transition to a system based on low-carbon energy, including the creation of a solid hydrogen network. The U.S. Department of Energy has chosen Air Liquide as the partner for a record six out of seven regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs. Indeed, hydrogen represents a major opportunity for the country to decarbonize its economy and reinforce its energy sovereignty.


These Clean Hydrogen Hubs are located in 16 states across the American territory, from the Appalachians to California, including Texas and the Midwest. They will enable the production of 3 million tonnes of low-carbon hydrogen per year, reaching nearly a third of the 2030 U.S. production target while abating 25 million tonnes of CO2 per year - the equivalent of 5.5 million gasoline-powered automobiles – and creating thousands of jobs.

25 M

metric tonnes of CO₂ emissions avoided annually in the U.S. thanks to these hydrogen hubs⁽¹⁾.

As one of the main industrial sponsors of the HyVelocity Hub located on the Texas Gulf Coast, Air Liquide will collaborate with its partners to optimize existing local energy assets and develop hydrogen projects that will benefit Texas, Louisiana, and the surrounding regions.

In the PNWH2 Hub on the Pacific Northwest coast, the ARCH2 Hub in the Appalachians, and the MACHH2 Hub in the Midwest, the Group is committed to advancing the energy transition and establishing the necessary production, transportation, and distribution infrastructure to facilitate access to hydrogen. Additionally, Air Liquide is also a partner in the ARCHES network (Alliance for Renewable Clean Hydrogen Energy Systems in California) and in the MACH2™ (Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub).

The Group will thus leverage its expertise of over 60 years across the entire hydrogen value chain to implement the necessary infrastructure for hydrogen production, transportation, and distribution that are essential elements for the growth and sustainability of the local low-carbon hydrogen market.

“With programs like these hydrogen hubs, the United States is well-positioned to drive innovation in hydrogen. As many sectors of the industry tackle the challenge of decarbonization head-on, we are ready to work with our partners to develop these hubs and support the emergence of a mature domestic hydrogen market.”

Adam Peters
CEO of Air Liquide North America

(1) Source: U.S. Department of Energy