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Biomethane: a promising energy source

Published on March 29, 2024

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According to the International Energy Agency, biogas production is set to quadruple by 2030. Naturally emitted by the decomposition of organic waste, biogas is composed of biogenic CO2 and biomethane. This biomethane can be used as a substitute for natural gas in industrial processes such as hydrogen production, or as an energy source or renewable raw material for industries such as chemicals, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by up to 80%(1). Air Liquide, which first entered this market with its cryogenic purification and liquefaction technologies, has been a part of the massive growth of the global biomethane industry for more than 10 years. Convinced that this energy will play a key role in decarbonizing heavy mobility and industry, we are investing in new production units as part of our virtuous circular economy model.


Present in Europe, and in particular in France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the Nordic countries, Air Liquide continues to develop its biomethane business. In Italy, for example, the Group is enhancing its offering by equipping its new production unit at Covo, near Milan, with a biogenic CO2 purification and liquefaction system to serve its industrial customers (greenhouse agriculture, metal fabrication, chemicals) in the region. In China, Air Liquide has launched its first production unit, with a capacity of 75 GWh per year, to produce biomethane to supply homes via the city gas network. It will also be used to generate electricity for the production unit and the local power grid.

Air Liquide is also expanding its biomethane production capacity in the United States, where a new unit in Rockford, Illinois, is about to come on line. With a capacity of 380 GWh per year, it will be the Group’s largest biomethane unit. With five production units already in operation, Air Liquide is becoming a significant player in biomethane production in the country, a position the Group has strengthened with the recent start of construction of two new units in Pennsylvania and Michigan. By increasing its biomethane production, the Group is pursuing its ambition to support the energy transition of its transportation and industrial customers.

With 26 operational units worldwide, a capacity of 1.8 TWh per year, and its mastery of the entire value chain, Air Liquide is contributing to the growth of biomethane as a renewable energy source and thus to the development of a low-carbon society.

26 biomethane production units

1.8 TWh of annual production capacity

211,000 tonnes of CO₂ avoided in 2023 thanks to the 1.8 TWh of biomethane produced by the Group worldwide

“Initially used as energy for transport, biomethane is now an effective solution for the decarbonization of industry. It’s a key alternative to fossil-based natural gas for producing heat, as well as a raw material for producing renewable hydrogen and biogenic carbon monoxide that are essential molecules for our petrochemicals customers.”

Jérémie Lallemand
Director of Sales at Air Liquide Biogas Solutions

(1) Source: Carbone 4.