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Biomethane, a promising renewable energy for the energy transition

Published on June 10, 2024

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By developing renewable energy production solutions to decarbonize industry and transport, Air Liquide is actively contributing to the energy transition. Among these solutions, the Group has been successfully developing in the biomethane sector for over ten years: today, Air Liquide owns and operates 26 plants worldwide, with a total production capacity of 1.8 TWh per year.

Cutting-edge expertise across the biomethane value chain

As a major player in the biomethane field, Air Liquide is present at every stage of its value chain, from biogas production to its transportation to points of use, using unique production processes to increase efficiency. Air Liquide has developed various technologies: patented membranes that filter out carbon dioxide and other impurities from biogas to produce pure biomethane, a liquefaction solution based on its flagship Turbo-Brayton technology, and a technology allowing the use of CO₂ for applications in the food and beverage industry.

How is biomethane produced? 

Obtained from purified biogas, itself obtained from the fermentation of agricultural waste and organic matter, biomethane production is a process in which Air Liquide is an expert. 

A rapidly expanding industrial network 

Biomethane is the energy of the future for decarbonizing many sectors such as transport and industry. It can be injected into natural gas networks, in collaboration with local stakeholders, or liquefied for efficient transport to points of use that do not have access to natural gas networks.

This is why national regulations in many countries favor this renewable alternative to fossil natural gas. In this context, Air Liquide is playing a major role in the development of this solution, and is strengthening its industrial network in many markets. In 2022, Air Liquide launched its biomethane activity in China, and built the world's largest biomethane production unit in Rockford, United States. In 2024, Air Liquide is taking a new step towards sustainable biomethane production with a charter drawn up in collaboration with WWF France. With the release of this charter going beyond current regulations, the Group is committed to measure and track progress towards more sustainable production, while contributing to the development of a worldwide production framework.