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ECO ORIGIN™, certified low-carbon molecules

Published on March 27, 2024

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Be it in terms of industrial performance or environmental footprint, Air Liquide always innovates to support its customers. Many industries use gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide (CO2) in their manufacturing processes, which can have an impact on their carbon footprint. That is why Air Liquide is now developing ECO ORIGIN™, a range of certified low-carbon gases, thus committing to supporting its customers’ decarbonization efforts.


Produced from 100% renewable energy sources, these gases offer traceable emissions from production to delivery, with their low-carbon footprint certified by an independent body in compliance with ISO standards.

Following oxygen, argon, and nitrogen, Air Liquide is extending its ECO ORIGIN™ low-carbon gas range by offering its customers biogenic CO2 – ideal for use in the food industry, where CO2 is used for deep-freezing and preservation. It is also essential for the carbonation of soft drinks. In response to the sector’s environmental needs, the Group offers biogenic CO2, naturally produced by biological processes (generated by renewable sources such as organic waste, fermentation, or plant respiration).


ECO ORIGIN™ gases produced from 100% renewable energy sources

Among the first companies to be convinced by this offering are both SMEs and major players in the food industry. For example, Danone has chosen to source ECO ORIGIN™ CO2 to reduce the carbon footprint of its sparkling water production. Les French Bulles also uses ECO ORIGIN™ in the refill canisters for its home soft drinks machines. ECO ORIGIN™ CO2 was a natural fit for this French SME and its commitment to sustainable, local production. It is also the choice of Vidya Europe, specialized in the development and production of natural ingredients for different markets such as human and animal nutrition and cosmetics, which uses it for the extraction of active compounds from plants. Air Liquide is thus helping Vidya Europe to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its products. It does the same with many other players in the sector.

“ECO ORIGIN™ is winning over more and more of our customers, especially those close to end consumers, as it reduces their Scope 3 emissions, both upstream and downstream, covering the purchase of raw materials and the end use of products, as well as Scope 1 emissions corresponding to the CO2 emitted during production.”

Christel Champinot

Climate Program Manager for Air Liquide’s Industrial Merchant activity

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