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Air Liquide Foundation: 15 years of actions

Published on March 29, 2024

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Air Liquide is committed to supporting local communities in the countries it operates in. Since its creation in 2008, the Air Liquide Foundation has taken action in three areas: environmental and medical research, access to employment and solidarity. This action is driven by the ambition to make a positive impact by providing on-the-ground support and leveraging the skills and commitment of the Group’s teams to support local projects. 

The very origin of the Air Liquide Foundation is based on the direct involvement of the Group’s employees. This is still one of its distinctive characteristics today. Each and every project is initiated by an employee and is followed by a colleague based locally, close to the project.


projects in 50 countries in 15 years


2023 was particular as the Foundation celebrated 15 years of impactful initiatives, supporting over 500 projects across 50 countries since its creation. Notable actions supported last year included:

  • In France: Research into the respiratory system with Institut Pasteur

    A fundamental of life – the ability to breathe naturally and easily – is not a given to everyone. This project led by a team from Institut Pasteur in Paris, is researching the treatment of pulmonary bacterial infections that affect patients with cystic fibrosis, and more generally patients with antibiotic-resistant infections.
  • In Spain: Access to employment through the Fundación Tomillo

    This project supported young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to embark on comprehensive training in warehouse management and, as importantly, courses and mentoring in interpersonal skills in the business environment. Additionally, they could join a two-month internship at Air Liquide or one of five partner companies. The program has clear goals, and 100% of the participants qualified for certification at the end of the course.

  • In Asia and Africa: Solidarity

    Giving access to education and training is part of its solidarity action. This year, the Foundation supports projects worldwide in order to offer young people from particularly disadvantaged backgrounds access to education:
    • In the Philippines, the Enfants du Mekong project helps 53 young students from Cebu by providing them with quality education and a conducive learning environment to prepare them for their future work.
    • In Burkina Faso, Zinado 2000 association’s project consists of building 3 additional classes at the Daguintoèga primary school, offering a total of 6 classes to distribute pupils by level.
    • In Mali, (Zougoumè), the Relais association is helping to build 3 additional classrooms for disadvantaged children (especially young girls) to allow greater access to school and improved quality education.
“I recommended to the Air Liquide Foundation an association in which my husband does volunteer work. I believe that it is important to bring something personal to my community, in particular to children, thanks to my company’s support.”

Lina Feudi
Air Liquide Italy employee, sponsor of the Dynamo Camp’s project