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Our people are Citizen at Work

Published on March 29, 2024

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Air Liquide’s success relies on the dedication and expertise of its 67,800 employees worldwide. This represents a remarkable reservoir of talent, energy and willingness to give back to communities. We are actively leveraging this shared commitment to empower our people to volunteer through a structured and engaging program called Citizen at Work. Our target: by 2025, to empower 100% of our employees to dedicate a portion of their working hours to lend a helping hand to their local communities.

Citizen at Work was launched in 2022 and, already, 73% of our people have access to the program. It focuses on areas that are in line with the company’s sustainability objectives and the teams’ expertise, with a particular emphasis on healthcare, safety, the environment, professional development and education: an initiative that not only contributes to the development of local communities but also enhances employees’ sense of purpose in their daily lives.


Airgas: volunteering at its best

Airgas, one of Air Liquide’s U.S. subsidiaries, is not only a leading supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases, it is also one of the largest suppliers of welding hardgoods and personal protective equipment in the United States.

Caring for people is clearly in their DNA, and when the Citizen at Work program was launched, their employees seized the opportunity to get more involved. They gave their time across education, skills development, the environment, and healthcare and safety – all four of the program’s main focus areas.

In 2023, 1,027 employees at Airgas rolled up their sleeves and got involved with their local communities, giving an amazing 3,870 hours of their time to 56 volunteer activities.

First skills, then jobs

A major project in the education and skills development area is the Airgas High School Welding Education Initiative launched five years ago to prepare students for careers in welding as the industry faces a shortage in skilled labour. According to projections from the American Welding Society, 336,000 new welding professionals will be needed by 2026, a challenge that Airgas contributes to address. Since 2018, the High School Welding Education Initiative has assisted 117 schools, 8,178 welding students and nearly 560 instructors across the country.

In addition, over 1,071 students obtained jobs directly after graduating. In 2023, with the help of the Citizen at work program, Airgas expanded the initiative, supporting 56 schools from 23 states thanks to the involvement of 113 employees.

73% of our people can already access Citizen at Work with a target of 100% by 2025

100% Every Group employee will be able to volunteer through the Citizen at Work by 2025

3,870 hours given by a total of 1,027 employees of Airgas in the U.S.