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Diversity and Inclusion: More diversity in STEM

Published on March 29, 2024

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From Marie Curie, the pioneer of radioactivity, to Dr Katalin Kariko, who co-devised the technology behind the Covid-19 vaccines, women have a long history of extraordinary achievements in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Women in STEM bring diverse perspectives, innovative problem-solving, and a unique blend of skills that enhance creativity and drive progress in science and technology. 

That is why, at Air Liquide, we are committed to harness the talents of many more women in senior roles. The Group has thus set for itself the objective of reaching 35% of women in management & professional positions by the end of 2025. This requires an environment where women will be as likely to join and to stay with the company as their male colleagues. Air Liquide is thus actively recruiting and empowering women.


A significant initiative is Women in TCL (Technical Community Leaders), which allows female employees in technical areas to gain more expertise and visibility. A cornerstone of this initiative is the establishment of a robust mentoring program that facilitates knowledge exchange and skill development between mentees and their mentors.

Another program is MORE, aiming at supporting gender diversity within the Group’s Innovation and Development Division. The program, launched in 2023, is based on three main actions: ensure that as many women as men are recruited, a referral program to encourage employees to recommend external female profiles to the Group and a set of initiatives to support women at early stages of their career in their professional development including to facilitate access to their first management position.

Around the world, the Group also reaches out externally to bring on board female talents in multiple ways. For example:

  • In Asia, Europe and North-America regions, we are building strong relationships with universities and colleges to reach women. We break down stereotypes, communicate the rich variety of opportunities open to them and create a well-qualified pipeline of future applicants.
  • More specifically, in Europe, we launched in Poland a campaign to break gender biases and promote our inclusive culture for women in STEM. Similarly, in Germany, a recruitment campaign using gender neutral language and innovative channels generated a 15% increase in applications from women.

Worldwide, the message is the same: women in STEM are valued, respected and will find an inspiring platform for their talents at Air Liquide.

32% of women in management and professional roles in 2023 with a target of 35% by 2025

20 years of support of technical careers through our TCL network



"The most important message is not: you are standing here because you are a woman. But you are standing here because you are excellent in what you are doing."

Justyna Lysoń

Process Manager at Air Liquide, TCL International Expert

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