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Annette Winkler

Annette Winkler

Independent Director

Born in 1959 - German nationality

Date of first appointment: 2014
Start of current term: 2018
End of current term: 2022


Holder of a doctorate in Economics from the University of Frankfurt (Germany), Annette Winkler started her career as Managing Shareholder of a medium-sized construction company. In 1995, she joined the Mercedes-Benz group, where she held a variety of positions and in particular that of Senior Director/Head Public Relations and Communications. After spending two years as Head of the Mercedes-Benz sales and service outlet in Braunschweig, she became Chief Executive Officer of DaimlerChrysler Belgium and Luxembourg (1999-2005), then Vice President of Global Business Management & Wholesale Europe (2006-2010). Vice-President of Daimler AG, since 2010 she has been Chief Executive Officer of smart (with overall responsibility for the brand, also in charge of the smart factory in Lorraine).

Positions and activities

Functions within the Air Liquide Group

  • Director: L’Air Liquide S.A.* (member of the Remuneration Committee, member of the Appointments and Governance Committee)

Positions or activities outside the Air Liquide Group

  • Vice-President: Daimler AG*, head of Smart
  • Member of the Counsel for Foreign Economic Affairs of the German Ministry for Economics

(*) Listed companies are indicated by an asterisk.