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Air Liquide in Taiwan

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Why Air Liquide

The unique of AIR LIQUIDE is encouraging employee to create new ideas. We believe the successful factors for AIR LIQUIDE are wisdom, creative and ambition. We fully authorize, give room to our employee for development. So our ambition is to create and maintain excellent working environment to attract good people to join us.


We provide many platforms to help undergraduates discover their potential and our employment opportunities.

International Internship Program (IIP)

Air Liquide provides students to do an internship (2~6 months) in one of the 80 countries where Air Liquide is present, in order to enhance their personal and professional competencies. The Air Liquide International Internship Program provides a bonding experience for students to become actors of their career development and flourish as talented young professionals.

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This internship was a valuable experience for me. I learned how to communicate with my colleagues more effectively and better express myself clearly.

Yu-Chun (Reina) CHEN , NTU- Master of Business Administration

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I was in charge of internal process optimization of Sales team in Expertise center during my 10-week internship in Breda, the Netherlands. The objective is to help the team improve its efficiency when writing quotation for the clients. I executed it by conducting numerous interviews with the team members, and working with engineer from technical service department. This internship was a valuable experience for me. I learned how to communicate with my colleagues more effectively and better express myself clearly. I got much support and help from the company during my whole internship, and I appreciated it a lot.


Summer School

The Air Liquide Summer School brings top international students together to our Head Office in Paris and the program will be held for one week in Paris. The program consists of company presentations, site visits, group discussions, case studies, cultural visits, team building exercises and more! 

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After this journey, I gradually realize my strength and weakness when comparing with all those students from all over the world.

Chia-Yuan WU , NCTU- Master of Industrial Engineering & Management Department

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So many thanks to Air Liquide for giving me an opportunity to participate in Summer School Program in Paris. Air Liquide is willing to invest young students. They spend lots of time and money on students and assist them in understanding the air industry and the enterprise itself, and I think that is definitely the reason why this company can survive for a century. Here are all that I want to share with you about all those amazing activities. I hope through the experience sharing, you can know much clearly about Air Liquide Summer School Program.

Manager Presentations

In Summer School, we had around ten presentations to join. I remembered one of the speakers was from other country, and he came to Air Liquide Head Office just to give us an hour-long talk. That is so crazy. These presentations covered from the introductions to the future visions of many operation departments, including Air Liquide Group, i-Lab, Research and Development, Large Industries, Healthcare, Industrial Merchant, and Engineering and Construction. The contents were full of diversity, but honestly speaking, I could only understand thoroughly one or two topics. It might be because of the lack of the background knowledge of academic fields of myself or even the language barrier. However, it was definitely worthy of trying our best to go to know each talk.

For me, the most attractive presentation was Healthcare Talk, since the topic is relative to my master research. Both of us concern patients’ disturbances in healthcare. All along, I thought that all the companies in the world must consider earning money as their goals. But from the talk, I realized that even a profit-making company can put patients as their first priority. The speaker kept emphasizing Air Liquide wants to solve patients’ problems; only by alleviating their illness can give them better living qualities and this is what Air Liquide wants to see. Actually, I doubted what the speaker said at the very first, but finally, I was totally convinced and accepted the ideas that the speakers tried to convey. What the speaker delivered did match the company’s core objective: long-term cooperation with clients. Healthcare department would gain patients’ trust if its development orientation is from patients’ perspectives. In this way, the partnership between company and customers must be long-term. Thank Healthcare manager for teaching me a lesson.

Labs & Plants Visit

Besides joining the presentations, we visited i-Lab, R&D Laboratory and manufacturing factory as well. In R&D Laboratory, managers introduced something technical, for example, the material of cylinder, how to modify freezer truck to save more energy, the new energy in air industry, the efficient way to generate more gas…etc. These contents were too complicated for me, since I am not major in material science or chemical engineering. I needed to spend more time digesting specialized knowledge. Highly recommend the students who want to participate in the program can learn relative background knowledge or memorize proper nouns in advance.

From manufacturing factory guidance, I realized the distribution channel of gas, the purpose of the barcode on cylinders, and how the gas filled into cylinders. I got a question when I observed the procedure of gas filling. Today, we can rely on computer to monitor the pressure, temperature, or other factors, but we still need man power to move the cylinders to specific position and then loose and tight the connector. I was curious that is it possible for Air Liquide to construct an automatic system one day in the future, for instance, conveyers for transporting cylinders and robot hands link the connector automatically. The answer was this may not happen because the investment is too expensive comparing with the current policy. By the way, if you had any questions when the introduction and explanations were going, don’t hesitate to raise your hand and ask questions. All the managers were willing to answer you.

Nowadays, almost every company promotes innovations or new business model, so does Air Liquide. Air Liquide’s inspirations are from i-Lab, the most magical research center I think in Air Liquide. In i-Lab, the members are from various backgrounds. The presenter took herself as an example, she majored in history. It was so cool that a woman with history background works in air industry. Air Liquide believes that people with diverse background gather together always coming up with a comprehensive idea because everyone sees the same thing from different aspects and after discussion or debate, a totally new scheme burns. Then, team members can do an easy and quick verification by 3D scanner and 3D printer in i-Lab. I really love the environment in i-Lab. Simple decoration and relaxing atmosphere plus flexible working time for employees, which is definitely an ideal working place for me. 

Students’ Show

On the last day, it was students’ turn to give business case presentations. This year, we had two topics; one was “A new gas user experience thanks to digital tools”, and the other was “A Big Data project about sleep apnea treatment”. After iLab members elaborated the subject background, all the groups drew the lots to decide their topic. Air Liquide would organize the group members for us, and of course, your group members must come from different countries to satisfy the diverse standard. But I liked this way, since it gave me a chance to work with international students who had completely dissimilar growth and culture experience with me. When I did the team work, our opinions were often conflicting, so I needed to provide more strong arguments to support my issues. If I could successfully persuade my teammates, it gave me a sense of accomplishment. 

And from the process of discussion, I found that individual differences did affect how the team work was going. Sometimes, it was easier to communicate with different teammates in other words rather than identical statements when facing different people. Under this collaboration mode, we won the final prize at the end. We were so excited that our efforts paid off.

Free Time Activities

Every day in Summer School was busy but meaningful. Besides the schedule arranged by Air Liquide, in my free time, I applied myself to visit all the hot spots in Paris. This was my first time to stay in Europe, I felt very fresh to all the landscapes. In these seven days, I went to Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles, Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris, Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, Triumphal Arch and Opera. Every building and night view I saw, the food and drink I tasted, the public transportation I took and the people I met, all of them gave me incredible experience, and the feeling was unspeakable. What I could say is that you must visit Paris in person!


There are so many people that I need to appreciate, they help me a lot from the beginning of the application to the end of the Summer School Program. Thanks to my friends for revising my application documents. Thank Catherine and Sean, who have ever joined Summer School Program, for giving me many advices about interview and traveling preparation. Thank Penny, Emma and Laurie for giving me administrative help. When I leave my comfort zone, it does impact me. Last but not the least, after this journey, I gradually realize my strength and weakness when comparing with all those students from all over the world. I strongly encourage young students to apply for the program. You must benefit a lot from it. If you have further questions about application procedures or the program, please feel free to contact me.



Summer Camp

The ALFE (Air Liquide Far Eastern) Summer Camp host Taiwanese students for a 2-day retreat to discover Air Liquide and gas industry. In addition to know Air Liquide’s business and products, students also take part in site visits, discussions with managers, and lunches with alumni from their universities who are now building their careers with the Air Liquide. The camp program also included practical activities for future-graduates, such as career talk, job interview simulations and team-building exercises.

Fresh Graduates

We provide many platforms to help undergraduates discover their potential and our employment opportunities.

Altitude Brochure

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Altitude Program

The Altitude is an accelerated development program in Asia-Pacific for top graduates that allows you to: 

  •  progress rapidly in your career
  •  take on challenging work assignments
  • gain rich overseas exposure
  • build your international network of professional colleagues

It is composed of 3 main stages: Home assignment, Assignment abroad, and New responsibilities. For more information, you may view our brochure here.

Career Opportunities

We offer career opportunities in the following fields: 

  •  Business Development
  •  Sales & Marketing
  •  Healthcare
  •  Engineering
  •  Process & Operations
  •  Health, Safety, Environment & Quality
  •  Supply Chain Management
  •  Human Resources
  •  Finance 

Join Us Today!

We recruit talented, creative, professionally minded people to join ALFE and ALES Asia. Air Liquide encourages employees to constantly improve professionally through working in different roles and projects. Our diverse, international-standard workplace culture provides an attractive and fast-moving professional environment for professional development and career growth.

Application Process in Air Liquide Career Page: 

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  2. Read through the Job Scope and Requirements 
  3. Click on the "Apply Button" 
  4. Create an account to apply for the job then fill up the information 
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