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Why Air Liquide

The unique of AIR LIQUIDE is encouraging employee to create new ideas. We believe the successful factors for AIR LIQUIDE are wisdom, creative and ambition. We fully authorize, give room to our employee for development. So our ambition is to create and maintain excellent working environment to attract good people to join us.


We provide many platforms to help undergraduates discover their potential and our employment opportunities.

International Internship Program (IIP)

Air Liquide provides students to do an internship (2~6 months) in one of the 80 countries where Air Liquide is present, in order to enhance their personal and professional competencies. The Air Liquide International Internship Program provides a bonding experience for students to become actors of their career development and flourish as talented young professionals.

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IIP internship is not only a good chance to learn adaptation in foreign country but a valuable training to learn and do a professional project.

(Kuang Jung (Kent) HSU, National Taiwan University (NTU)- Department of Chemical Engineering

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In International Internship Program(IIP)- Air Liquide Singapore, I gained three aspects- adaption, internship project and connection.

IIP is like a short period of work overseas to let students learn how to adapt quickly in a new foreign country and bridge culture gap. Air Liquide eagers to encourage their employees to have a good mobility to work overseas, therefore, IIP program is the best chance for students. Before going to Air Liquide Singapore, I did not have any experience staying in foreign countries. Therefore, during the internship, there were plenty of frustration and difficulties, but the harvest is sweet and valuable in my life. For example, expressing personal opinion clearly was not easy in the work and daily life. However, after having two and half months training, I learned how to communicate with my colleagues effectively and get involved in the team. Therefore, this internship provides me a good experience to cultivate the ability of work overseas.

Internship project:
In the IIP, I had a valuable project called Expilot which is the latest and important in large industry. Exapilot is an automation software for the engineers to start the plant automatically and reduce the error and risks when starting the plant. In this project, I needed to learn the whole process, communicate with senior operators and design the loops in the software. All of them deeply improved my professional knowledge and practical knowledge about the industry and plant. In addition, the project is helpful for me to cultivate the sense of work independently and the ability of problem solving.

IIP is a good chance to improve network and know people from different countries. I met lots of people from different countries including Singapore, China, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, India and Myanmar. Because of different cultures and perspectives, it was a great experience to broaden my view. Meanwhile, building up a network with talented colleagues is important for students to develop their career development. By cooperation with colleagues in the work and enjoyment with them after work, I eventually built up a good relationship and made good friends with my colleagues in this internship.


Summer School

The Air Liquide Summer School brings top international students together to our Head Office in Paris and the program will be held for one week in Paris. The program consists of company presentations, site visits, group discussions, case studies, cultural visits, team building exercises and more! 

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To give yourself a chance to move on! The world is huge, that if you want to feel this world, you need to make your mind even bigger.

Tsui-Hsuan (Patricia) CHANG, National Tsing Hua University(NTHU)- Biomedical Engineering

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What I found in Summer school - Patricia @ Taiwan


Blossom of learning comes from digestion and transformation after understanding. What I learned in summer school is not just knowledge but also an identity to company’s core values, amazement from culture diversity and self exploration.

Culture Diversity

We broaden our horizon here in summer school. What’s the concept of gathering 28 students from so many different countries? Think about the way how we learned by a deep but simple efficient route. Children develop their native language by searching environment. I got a cute nickname “pokemon collector” in summer school, my friends said I could be a public relationship manager because I got lots of connection at the second day. We chatted with each other a lot, about our own hometown, our culture, our dream. Although we all grew up from different background, we shared common worryness and also expectation in generation we are involved. That’s a conflict beauty, which is different but harmonious. At a moment, I had a sudden perception that horizon will never come to a limit.


Enthusiasm to the company, highly attention to summer school project, eagerness to guide students involved. We, as students without many society experiences, people in headquarter treated us like pearls in shells. They cherished our value and made us to find out our beautiful inside. They are not looking for present benefits, but an expected future.


Why can an industry keep improving and get beautiful revenue performance? Innovation can be developed in different ways, we can see specific creative ideas in different departments,For instance, labs in R&D, brainstorming and completing our service in a customer-centric way; HR department, they develop a series of activities to find people in right position. From horizontal to vertical, from employee, service, cooperation with customer, air liquide care about every aspects from every details. In summer school, I figured out the keypoints of company development. Air liquide is a huge company combining several different components, everyone in the company is needed and work hard to break through their limits.


Just mentioning two aspects here, first of all, employees in air liquide may be outgoing or introverted and everyone in different positions will be in charge of different goals. They have some common personalities which is open-minded and happy to share.Second, air liquide as a company, is successful. Due to strict to their core values which are the “Whys” in golden circle. With our professional technology, air liquide create a better beautiful future for human being.


Summer Camp

The ALFE (Air Liquide Far Eastern) Summer Camp host Taiwanese students for a 2-day retreat to discover Air Liquide and gas industry. In addition to know Air Liquide’s business and products, students also take part in site visits, discussions with managers, and lunches with alumni from their universities who are now building their careers with the Air Liquide. The camp program also included practical activities for future-graduates, such as career talk, job interview simulations and team-building exercises.

Fresh Graduates

We provide many platforms to help undergraduates discover their potential and our employment opportunities.

Career Opportunities

We offer career opportunities in the following fields: 

  •  Business Development
  •  Sales & Marketing
  •  Healthcare
  •  Engineering
  •  Process & Operations
  •  Health, Safety, Environment & Quality
  •  Supply Chain Management
  •  Human Resources
  •  Finance 

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We recruit talented, creative, professionally minded people to join ALFE and ALES Asia. Air Liquide encourages employees to constantly improve professionally through working in different roles and projects. Our diverse, international-standard workplace culture provides an attractive and fast-moving professional environment for professional development and career growth.

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