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Air Liquide Thailand Medical gas is a leading Thailand supplier of packaged and medical gases & specialty diagnostic & calibration mixtures.

Our medical gases and services care for pediatric and adult patients during acute episodes, mainly in the hospital environment: emergency rooms, operating theatres, medical and surgical intensive care units. We support healthcare professionals with innovative solutions – molecules, devices and services – for life-saving procedures, diagnosis and treatments.

We support healthcare professionals with innovative solutions – molecules, devices and services.

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Our Products and Services

Medical gases :

  • Healthcare professional training for optimal and safe use of medical gases.
  • Continuous inventory monitoring (Telemonitoring system) ensuring patient safety and operational efficiency.
  • Innovative medical gas packaging and administration solutions.
  • Design, installation, maintenance of gas storage and distribution systems.
  • Cryobanking and hospital laboratory support solutions.
  • Liquid Helium for MRI machine.

Our Medical Gases portfolio :

  • Oxygen-O2 : For respiratory diseases or intensive care
  • Nitrous oxide - N2O : For anesthesia
  • Carbon dioxide - CO2 : For celioscopy procedures                       
  • Medical air : For respiratory diseases or intensive care
  • Liquid Helium - Lhe : For MRI machine     
  • Nitrogen and other specialty gases : For Laboratory

Total gas management :

  • Take orders from departments
  • Schedule delivery of cylinders from the local Air Liquide Healthcare plant
  • Deliver cylinders to their point of use and pick-up empties
  • Ensure continuity of supply chain during heavy demand periods
  • Change-out cylinders on central pipeline manifolds
  • Issue consumption reporting weekly/monthly by department
  • Optimize Inventor

EZ-OX Cylinder

Focus on

EZ-OX Cylinder

EZ-OX Plus™ is the innovative solution: a pressure regulator, flow meter and medical E-oxygen cylinder all integrated into a single lightweight unit.

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EZ-OX - the clinical friendly solution for oxygen set-ups

  • Designed to save you time :

       - One step regulator/flow meter gives a quick and easy set-up.
       -  Wide flow range for all your needs.
       - DISS connection for high flow requirements (50 psi).
       - Certified for use with 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla MRIs.

  • Designed to make your life easier :

        - Easy-to-use, ergonomic controls. - Balanced design reduces incidences of the cylinder falling over and causing injury.
        - Compact design with a lightweight aluminum cylinder makes the unit easier to carry.

  • Triple filtration system ensures high-purity oxygen for your patients.
  • Orifice plate precision design increases low flow accuracy for pediatric patients.


EZ-OX Plus™ - the cost effective solution for oxygen set-ups 

  • No more costly regulator and flow meter purchases and repairs.
  • Protective cap over regulator and flow meter results in higher unit reliability.
  • Simple training and quick patient set-up time increases staff efficiency.
  • Simple operation allows the EZ-OX Plus™ to be used by nearly all hospital personnel, increasing staff flexibility.
  • Unit fits into existing racks and carts.
  • Each cylinder comes with a label that has pre-calculated estimated usage periods that show how long the cylinder will last based upon the desired LPM setting and the residual pressure within the cylinder.

 EZ-OX Plus™ Portable Oxygen System