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Innovation showcase

Air Liquide continuously explores new territories to respond to the needs of its customers and patients. Discover our latest examples of innovation.

Innovation showcase

Core business

Based on team expertise, Air Liquide is constantly reinventing its core business. The objective is to improve our high value-added products and technologies, astonish our clients by thinking outside the box to anticipate their needs and optimize their performance and environmental impact.

The launch of TAKEOTM, a new medical gases cylinder with a digital display, and ALbee™, an innovative cylinder that makes the daily life of professionals and “do it yourself” enthusiasts easier, or even our Helium unit in Qatar, the largest helium purification and liquefaction unit in the world are some examples that demonstrate Air Liquide’s capacity to innovate in its core business.

R&D , our network of our Engineering & Construction (Global E&C Solutions) and our centers of expertise play a fundamental role in innovation in our core business.

  • Helium unit
  • Gas cylinder Albee
  • Takeo cylinder

1/3 — TAKEOTM cylinder

2/3 — Gas cylinder ALbeeTM

3/3 — Helium unit

Adjacent businesses

Our teams require audacity to go beyond the traditional frontiers of their business to invent new concepts and push the limits of our markets.

A few examples include : the development of Bio-NGV stations for buses or private cars, and ALOHA™, a product line of innovative molecules for the electronics market, or NOWAPI™’s medical remote monitoring solutions*.

This innovative approach is carried out by aB&T, which is dedicated to incubating new businesses, by ALIAD, which is our venture capital structure that supports the growth of innovative startups, and by our World Business Lines.

  • Station de distribution de bio gaz naturel
  • Composants électroniques Aloha

1/3 — Bio Natural Gas Vehicles station (Bio-NGV)

2/3 — ALOHATM molecules

3/3 — NOWAPITM* medical monitoring solution

Transformational businesses

Our teams exercise their Intuition. By working with external partnerships, they analyze the constantly changing world around us and explore growth trends.

As an illustration of our early commitment in the development of hydrogen energy, today, more than 75 Air Liquide charging stations for cars and buses have been deployed around the world.

aB&T, which is dedicated to incubating new businesses, and ALIAD, our venture capital structure, stimulate the Group’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The i-Lab, innovation lab, detects the disruptive innovations and devises our activities of tomorrow.

  • Station de recharge hydrogène Air Liquide

1/3 — Air Liquide hydrogen charging station

2/3 — Air Liquide hydrogen charging station

3/3 — Air Liquide hydrogen charging station